Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HTC S620: Pace up your professional life.

Over the years, HTC has designed some of the most efficient and powerful gadgets. And, in this ever-progressing era of digital evolution, HTC has once again geared up to come up with some other magnificent mobile handsets. The latest handsets from this manufacturer have been diligently designed to suit the needs of corporate world.

Bringing a whole lot of things altogether like new technology, easy-to-use functionalities and enticing designing, this dynamic manufacturer has been designing some of the very best PDAs and smartphones. Of late, HTC added a new performer in its portfolio – the HTC S620. This superb gadget is endowed with amazing business features and compatible tools.

As far as designing aspect is concerned, this gadget is a simple candy-bar phone, which is endowed with a big 2.4 inch QVGA display screen. There is a QWERTY keypad, which comes with easy to use keys. On the other hand, this phone is also equipped with an amazing HTC JOGGER feature, which provides a quick access to all your documents and World Wide Web.

There are other enhanced features in this phone, which makes it a compatible gadget to suit the needs of your modern life. Empowered by the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Direct Push technology – it provides a convenient access to calendar, emails and contacts in the easiest possible way. Furthermore, this phone also supports comprehensive connectivity technologies with Quad band, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-fi –surely, nothing has been left out. Hence, you get that unparalleled connectivity all across the globe. Thus, you can easily synchronise emails and also enjoy a high speed mobile Internet.

This smartphone sports an inbuilt ROM of 128MB with 64MB DDR. You can also use a microSD memory card to get more space, as per your requirement. This gadget also enables you to view all those documents in popular file formats like Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint form. The HTC S620 can bring a lot of comfort in your busy professional lives.
Thursday, July 26, 2007

HTC P4350: More power. More delivery

Welcome to the advanced digital mobile world. HTC introduces a new Smartphone, the P4350. Whether its work or entertainment, the device is always ready to deliver. Basically, its a business oriented phone but the incorporation of entertainment features have made it more lively. So, enjoy work and fun hand-in-hand with the new HTC P4350.

Built on Windows Mobile 5.0 platform, the device offers complete business solutions on the move. So, with this intuitive device, you can manage your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with ease. Open different file formats, edit and attach via emails and always keep in touch with the people and the world, wherever you go. With the convenience of synchronized Outlook email, contacts and calender, its easy to manage your business work on the move.

As far as phone design is concerned, its a very slim and compact device with auto sliding keyboard. The front face of it comes with a large screen with PDA functionality. Below the screen, there are short-cut keys for instant navigation of phone features. Explore unlimited possibilities that are concealed in its slim profile.
After work, relax your mind with an integrated Windows Media Player enhanced with stereo Bluetooth wireless sound quality. The device also comes with impeccable connectivity features such as quad-band, EDGE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connect and share data swiftly with any other compatible devices. What's more, this PDA phone with Wi-Fi connectivity lets you enjoy mobile Internet wirelessly.

In the fast running world, mobile phone is the easiest way of communication. The incorporation of advanced technologies in these latest devices have really given a new meaning to the digital world. These so called hybrid devices are smart enough to manage your personal as well as professional world with equal enthusiasm. So, get smarter with the HTC P4350.