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Sony Ericsson W902

More than just Walkman
Equipped with music and camera features 5 megapixel

Year 2008 event yesterday to be "race" a vendor who provides the best in all product lines. Included in the range mobile phone camera and music. In the same year, some products start with a camera equipped with high resolution. From 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel start introduced. They also feature the music of the "scene". Start the software from ear to spoil the view that the application is easy to use.

Mobile phone Sony Ericsson W series has been known as a music phone that must be considered by another vendor. Name to be betting big Walkman Sony Ericsson. If not wrong Walkman digital software used on the W series mobile phones developed and Sony Ericsson W902 is one example.

Development is not always on the side of the camera, but also on the compatibility and viewing. Some of the Walkman phone was launched almost simultaneously with the Sony Ericcson W902, such as the W595 Walkman also features like this. But seen from the features and price of Sony Ericsson W902 seems to be the top class. Mobile Phone Reviews will try to review the Sony Ericsson W902 mobile phone is.

Sony Ericsson W902 is made in the form of a classic, the candybar like most other Sony Ericsson mobile phone. If you see a few years back, the design of this phone is similar to the Sony Ericsson K600. Where is the phone made a little flat with the rounded part on each side.

Not have a selection of interesting material. Especially if we see from the front only. However, a few interesting accents will be seen in the back of a deliberately created symmetrical, between the camera with the loudspeaker.

Other interesting things that we can find the button layout is the additional focus on one side only. The right side of the Sony Ericsson W902 which is the object of three multimedia buttons (play, next, prev), volume and camera. Leave alone the data cable port on the side opposite. If there's one other key that is located on the different, the Walkman button is placed at the top of the phone. This button is given the responsibility to open the music player without a quick entry into the menu first.

The key is also a key access to features with shake control technology akselerometer. Some of the Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone version has adopted the same features, but not actually using akselerometer.

From all parts that can be seen in the Sony Ericsson W902, it seems only the D-pad with the little. The D-pad or the OK button is made with material that is quite slippery, and with a slightly rounded design to create the more slippery and less friendly with a large thumb. Several times we slipped and accidentally pressing the button which is the direction from the shortcut menus.

Sony Ericsson W902 may not be the Symbian mobile phone, mobile phone or Windows Mobile OS with specific others. But the system that runs on Sony Ericsson W902 is quite good and is the first positive thing that we can taste the products in the Walkman. Access to the menu and run the application that is provided quickly, almost no interference. Similarly with the presence of the display menu options that do not usually like. This is a new and different interface with other Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Excellent Features
Music Players Walkman Media & Features
This phone brings sotfware Walkman Music Player version 3.0. Complete with some additional functions. In addition to the folder view artist, album, tracks and playlists, we will also find features SenseMe, folder genre, year, and Audio Books Podcast. For those of you with a Walkman digital music player or portable Apple iTunes certainly is not foreign to the term.

Just remind SenseMe separator is a feature of the music file based on the beat of the music files are. Where the music files that we have can be divided into four major groups, fast namely, slow (based on the tempo), sad and happy (based on the beat). You can add and edit the manual as a playlist. So that we can find the right music in every condition.

Genre and Year is a new folder, separated based on the genre of the music file and in the introduction, according to the ID3 information. That the new sorting music files, not the ability of the player is. For example, shake control by pressing the button ago Walkman phone swing to the right, left, front and back to change track and adjust the volume.

Output facilities are supported by only a speaker microphone. Less so good to hear directly through the phone's internal speaker. But Sony Ericsson to bring a quality stereo headset. Unfortunately, there is no port in the 3.5 mm phone. However, there is fortunate that the extension cable provided.

Music features can be accessed through the Walkman menu or pressing the button at the top of your Walkman phone. Or through the menu can also Media. Here, as usual, we also can find the folder that contains video, photos, games and web feeds.

Although the internal memory capacity of Sony Ericsson W902 can not be spelled out great, which is 25 MB. Sony Ericsson has provided a slot M2 and M2 8 GB card in the sales package. You can fill it with song format mp3 or m4a file format (AAC) as much as possible, as well as MPEG4 video files and photos without having to fear running out of space.

Usually Sony Ericsson mobile phone music a little different with the camera. We remember the W800 with the K750 brings the genre even though different in design and the time of sliding that is almost the same. Where is the W800 better concentrate on the music, while the K750 camera in hand.

Now no more. Sony Ericsson W902 provided 5 megapixel camera with a performance that is equivalent to the camera Cyber-Shot product. Auto focus, BestPic, image stabilizer, WB, to Geotag, supporting a feature that will accompany you learn portrait with Sony Ericsson W902.

Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson W902 is not equipped with GPS receiver. So to hang on Geotag a photo, you must have an external receiver or access the data with the nearest BTS.

Results images appear. However, little can be relied upon in the light minimum. This is caused by a defective flash. Not as good as xenon lamps, lights flash estimated using LED technology to give this too much light, so the photo will appear with a flash light too.

Sony Ericsson W902 camera can also be used to record QVGA resolution video at speeds of 30 fps. Good enough but not the most well dikelas it. Luckily Sony Ericsson W902 features editor in the phone. So that we can edit the photos and video directly into the phone without the need of the other device, such as computers.

This feature is known by the name PhotoDJ and VideoDJ. You can access it in the folder menu entertaintment. In this folder you can also find some other multimedia features that are not less exciting.

HSDPA & Browser
Music player Sony Ericsson W902 also has a network technology. Thus can be used for phone and high speed internet access. Thanks to the HSDPA technology, the speed of data access can be done in a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps.

Many things can we do with bandwidht like that. Which is the main service and access videocall blog site. Upload photos or download the music can also be done without a hitch.

Facilities for internet access, Sony Ericsson W902 also has provided a typical browser. Access Netfront Browser form that is capable of displaying the web and wap as well.

Port data typical Sony Ericsson is still reliable as a channel for data, audio and power. Affairs in the transfer of data, all profiles are available so you can connect with all devices without the need to install anything.

When we want to use the Sony Ericsson W902 as a HSDPA modem, then you need to install PCSuit when connected to the PC. If you intend to send music files via a digital music player in your PC, then you can select the media transfer. But if you just want to send a file, you can choose the mass storage profile.

With mass storage profile, all the directories in the Sony Ericsson W902 will appear. Either internal memory or external memory (M2). This will be very helpful when you want to print the image or move the camera files are large.

With many features extravagant energy, Sony Ericsson W902 requires resources that is big enough. Lithium Polymer Battery BST-38 capacity of 930 mAh it is able to meet the needs. Without GPS it seems quite reasonable. However, the presence of HSDPA, a camera and music player make it difficult to survive long.

Luckily Sony Ericsson management has enough power. In one mobile phone charging is able to survive for 2 days. But it will not necessarily optimal, because the longer the features HSDPA or music player will drain power more quickly.

Few tips from Mobile Phone Review, if you want to enjoy the music player Sony Ericsson W902 phone without considering entry, use the flight mode. In addition to saving the battery, it can use when you are in the area that does not allow the mobile phone is switched on.

The Walkman with the 5 megapixel camera is the first time made a new Sony Ericsson, but the result is quite satisfactory. Apart from the expensive price, this product able to display the phone at the same time a dynamic music player and digital camera that can be relied upon.

Unfortunately, this mix features some of the excellent latest eliminated. GPS receiver is just one of them.


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Nokia Tube 5800 review specs and price

Now, finally, Nokia too into the touch screen fray - The Nokia Tube or 5800 expressmusic touchscreen smartphone has the possibility to eat in the Apples iPhone market share.

While the 5800 (Nokia tube) is not the first Nokia touchscreen phone, (Nokia 7710 was launched in 2004) the Finns definitely borrowed some design tips from Apple in the iPhone, but I think that Nokia has hit the right notes in 5800 with its great set of features. Above all, it seems, you get more for their money than the iPhone.

5800 Expressmusic or just Nokia Tube will be available for about $390, simfree. Only simfree part can be a big selling point, as you would use your phone on any network, anywhere in the world, without the unlocking of the phone as iPhone.

Nokia first touch screen phone interface, a number of clever touches, such as the menu, and a Hi-Res 640x360 screen. There are also some pretty impressive specifications: HSDPA, 3.2MP camera with dual LED flash, GPS 8GB memory card in a box, the support of Flash video and 3.5 mm jack for headphones.The Tube will Nokia Comes with music bundle, which will allow users for free download an unlimited number of songs from the Nokia Music Store for one year after the initial purchase.

One of the main features is a Nokia, groundbreaking music comes with a feature that allows people to buy a Nokia phone with one year unlimited access to tracks from the Nokia Music Store. After the year is complete, users can keep all their downloaded music.

There are FM radio and powerful built-in stereo speakers offering the greatest sound of a mobile phone.

Perhaps one of the most interesting innovations is that the phone supports handwriting recognition. If you e-mail messages or messages with the help of a virtual alphanumeric keyboard or a virtual computer-style QWERTY keyboard, you can use a stylus pen to write on the touch screen.

       * Pros: A powerful set of functions. Very Hi-Res screen. 8GB memory in the box.
       * Cons: Touchscreen sometimes does not work. Paltry internal memory. Browsing the Web experience is not as smooth as the iPhone

Nokia 5800 review Specs and price

Nokia N85 review specs and price

Nokia N85 is the latest from renowned Nokia Nseries with piece of specifications of the "all in one action". Communications and multimedia power crowned with a large OLED screen to die for the Nokia N85 offers a broad line of benefits and leaves to the ultimate brand loyal update. Never Nseries line, but everything you need to check. echoes with the not so glorious entry N96 persist, let's see what Nokia Nseries N85 can do for morale.

Reviewing the specs:

        * The quality of camera is good. The dual slider is firm and sturdy.
        * Nokia N85 comes with one of the best displays on the market. The screen is very different from the Nokia N95 8GB. It is also lighter, more saturated colors.
        * The stereo speakers N85 are very similar to the Nokia N82.
        * One of the best 5 megapixel mobile phone, ulike any other 5-megapixel camera in the Nseries.

In short, Nokia N85 is a perfect replacement for those tired of the Nokia N95. With the price of 450 euros in Europe, so most of its money in comparison with the Nokia N96 or Samsung Innov8 competitor. Nokia N85 is one of the best phones on the market on my review.

If you are a fan of Symbian, it is likely that the Nokia N96 is the best you can get. It is not without its share of flaws, like a weak battery and tuner DVB-H can be used only in a few countries. The phone is very good but not perfect. And if you want a multimedia and power, little more, N85 phone is for you.
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Motorola ZN5

Camera with Kodak technology 5 Megapixel
Motorola Prime Support Without the full-featured

Motorola claimed that reduce mobile phone camera has a good ability. Ready to compete in class 5 megapixel camera. Motorola ZN5 revealed to the market with the support of Kodak, digital camera manufacturers that have been long enough in the photography world.

As Motorola's first series to bring the most advanced camera, Motorola ZN5 is ready to compete in the segment of the mobile phone camera is quite hot. Although the camera phone with 5 megapixel strength has been shown, for example, the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson C902i, but remain optimistic Motorola Motorola ZN5punya interesting market power.

Motorola ZN5 mobile phone ROKR adopt a little, a candybar shape with a little broad and flat. However, some sections with rounded texture on the phone makes it appear a little better than the ROKR. Moreover, the phone is trying to design a look stiff elbow.

Motorola ZN5 looks robust casing material with a gray with a dark layer on the metal edge. Meanwhile, on the back of the store on the weapons are the 5 megapixel camera appear slightly swell and become the largest sector of the mobile phone body.

Motorola ZN5 also offers a special key to lock the keypad and special keys and the camera is installed purple cross with the bevelled corner on the body. Also available is the volume key, micro USB slot and 3.5 mm jack for audio, and also can be used for TV out port.

Like some Motorola mobile phones in the market, features ModeShift developed also on the Motorola ZN5. Outside keypad and navigation have some additional buttons that can appear at any time as a review key, delete key, simple share key and preview key.

Front surface of the phone was flat, not only the display area also includes a navigation key, keypad and control buttons. So that makes it easier, each key is represented with small dots and symbols. Unfortunately, despite using the keypad layer of rubber material, but feels less soft when pressed and a little difficult when typing.

Display & User Interface
From the side view, the Motorola ZN5 with the ability to screen thousands of 262144 color TFT with QVGA resolution (240x320 pixels). Supported with a screen that has a diagonal of 2.4 inch. Screen of the Motorola ZN5 is still quite tolerable for the winner in the mobile phone features a camera, even though the market has been quite a lot of phone with diagonal broader support for the visual sector.

So that the operating system running well, using Linux on the Motorola phone Motorola ZN5. Unfortunately, the performance was still not able to rival Symbian mobile phone, especially in terms of the interface. Display the menu and standby screen still less dynamic and less creative.

There is a 500 MHz processor Fresscale Motorola ZN5 make the access and operation of the phone so quickly. At least this is a mobile phone does not slow when used to access the menu and use the applications available.

Excellent Features
Motorola ZN5 the 5 megapixel digital camera, Kodak adopted the technology. No wonder if the main attraction is the mobile phone in the focus on the sector from the application image to the output. Kodak made several applications can be enjoyed in the Motorola ZN5. Such as Kodak Perfect Touch to edit the image that looks less perfect. The Kodak Gallery to upload images to a server owned by Kodak and the Kodak Easyshare, which allows to edit, print, share and transfer images saved in the Motorola ZN5.

Motorola ZN5 camera able to produce images with maximum resolution (2560 x 1920 pixels). Several times zooming, the image is quite optimal. Outdoor photos in the afternoon is also good. Satisfactory results can also be obtained in minimal light conditions, support the existence of a Xenon flash lamp is quite good.

When printed, the photo camera Motorola ZN5 quite clear and sharp. If compared, the result is still better than the mobile phone Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson C902 is also a 5 megapixel strength.

Some functions such as autofocus, Brightness, Contrast, Low Light, Geo Tagging, White Balance, Digital Zoom, Panorama, Macro, Multishot and Effect. ModeShift also support features that can activate a special button when the camera work.

In addition to photos, Motorola ZN5 can also produce video, but a bit disappointing because it only relies on the ability 144x176 pixels (QCIF) with 15 fps. The result, recorded a little unclear and less focus. This situation shows that the video be part of the less optimized by Motorola.

On the Motorola ZN5, some multimedia features. Even for the music business, not less ZN5 Motorola ROKR's. Interface interesting on the phone in the support facilities such as Shuffle, Equalizer, Playlist, Bass Boost and Spatial Audio jack port including 3.5. Motorola ZN5 not only provides the key to music.

Voters who have come out well, with the loudspeaker of a separate earpiece. Moreover, Motorola ZN5 was also equipped with the ROKR stereo headset that is capable of removing the optimal sound. Alternatively Motorola ZN5 features include FM radio and video player that can play video with MPEG4 format and Real Video.

Storage room into one of the highlights this phone, see the internal memory reaches 350 MB. Look big enough when compared with its rivals the average carrying capacity of under 200 MB.

Compare with the internal memory the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson C609i which has only 160 MB of storage space. Not only that, Motorola ZN5 also include a 2 GB MicroSD in the sales package. Unfortunately, to access the slot is a little difficult because the battery must be opened first.

Like usual, Bluetooth and data cable into a standard pledge Motorola ZN5 mobile phone is used to send data. Both this facility can work well and able to work optimally. Interestingly, when you access through the data cable supplied in the sales package, Motorola has some other type of connection between the Kodak EasyShare, media synchronization, memory card, modem, cable, equipment, and the modem and equipment.

Browsing in the sector, strengthen the presence of receiver WiFi capability Motorola ZN5 roaming in the virtual world. Unfortunately, the ability to browse, ZN5 only rely on strength at the class 12 GPRS and EDGE class 12. Not only the term 3G let alone HSDPA.

Ability to complete the connection, Motorola ZN5 also has a TV Out feature. By this means, both the photo and video camera can be displayed on the television screen. Moreover, cable TV is out already included in the sales package.

This is supported by mobile phone battery Lithium Ion 950 mAh. This power source can still support the ZN5 that require relatively large power. Once in the charging, the phone is able to survive for 1.5 - 2 days. With no record of one of the redundant features.

Motorola ZN5 ability to show images with optimal quality can be a sufficient security. 5 megapixel resolution is good enough it has a role as a main weapon. When you compare the product with the other 5 megapixel, ZN5 can surpass its opponent.

However, in terms of the completeness of features, the phone must still work hard at his face competition such as Nokia N95 and SE C902i. absence 3G or HSDPA capabilities and a video that can be a less optimal constraints.


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Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, actress, and businesswoman. She is renowned for her beauty, ideal measurements, and entrepreneurial skills. She is best known for her five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the 1980s and '90s, and once in the 2000s. She is also renowed as the founder and public face of a series of business ventures including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and "The Body," a line of skin care products. According to Forbes, she is worth around £60 million.

Two Cheap Mobile Phone, Many Features

Motorola W396 vs HiTech G32
The full Performance Still Simple

In the range of the cheap price, we can already get mobile phone with the rather complete. not only Chinese vendor of origin, the phone is actually branded also opted to have this category. One of which Motorola W396.

At the same price range, there HiTech G32. Display features that this phone was taken not far different from the W396. However, the matter of the quality of course will differ greatly. To find out how strong ability brought them, I'll dissect the second phone. So that you do not include any budget in the beginning of the year.

Both apply the concept of different mobile phone. Motorola W396 with body fold (Clamshell), while G32 faithful HiTech with candybar design. Differences in hours of each brand, seen from the material used. W396 better than the G32 that seemed "cheap". This is different between the mobile phone branded with the mass production of China.

As a senior that has its draft clamshell, W396 also uses LED indicators to indicate that some functions. Phone entry, miss call, SMS and the process of re-charging the battery.

In the keypad, even with the surface of the W396 in a few large able to bring comfort typing messages. Compare with the G32 meeting, and that seemed small, the action type SMS is also difficult. Because, the key material with the plastic hard enough in the G32 and less responsive. Consistent with its ability to bring technology Dual On, the keypad structure HiTech G32 insert the key to access two SIM card directly. Its position on the left side of the D-pad, close to the left soft key.

Display & User Interface
Take part in the. Here, the interface can be spelled both not far different. Model matrik grid structure so the main menu options. Standard, with simple icons. Interestingly, in the menu property of Motorola W396 can be reset according to taste. In fact, the appearance can be set to the frame mode.

To display, HiTech G32 better with use transflektif LCD resolution with 262,144 colors. Meanwhile, Motorola owned only 65,536 colors. However, the maximum brightness in the W396 can slightly increase the clarity this interface.

Excellent Features
This sector won by HiTech G32, through the dual SIM card slots that you can plug in two cards from different operators, and can be turned on at the same time. Unfortunately for the two mobile phone capability, such as fixed can not be the maximum. For example for the purpose of browsing the internet, the card can still be used in the slot 1 or SIM card master.

For low end mobile phone class, this one facility shall provide, at least have a music player or FM radio. And the W396 and G32, all akomodasi well. To track the player, the phone has been using a special player with a standard interface. Music formats are supported also balanced, namely MP3.

Audio problem, the average Chinese mobile phone that can give voice loud enough, so HiTech G32. However, with the presence of specific loudspeaker Motorola W396 also does not want to lose. The song that came out of this loudspeaker, a voice can be loud but still clear and well heard.

Second form of entertainment to the FM radio. Should enable them to use hands-free with the tip of the connector standard respectively. W396 with a 2.5 mm jack, while the G32 with special connectors. Another property of the benefits of radio features Motorola, the W396 has the capability of the radio broadcast recording, the recording files will be directly in the settings as the alarm tone. Interestingly again, you can also transmit radio waves that are broadcast to listen to via SMS and MMS. Smart.

Switch to the visual, there is no special in this category. Both phones include a camera is only VGA, with the ability to record a maximum image resolution of 480x640 pixels. By setting the camera up to snap the W396 appear brighter and more clear than the G32, which still seems blurry. Unfortunately, Motorola camera is not able to record a moving image (video) as belonging to G32.

Other Features
Both phones also add the features of the rather comprehensive daily. There are Calendar, Calculator, Alarm and more. However, the property of HiTech little more sophisticated by adding more security features important data phone called "Firewall." You can protect Phonebook, call logs and message with a special password. Fair useful for those who like to keep secret.

For entry-level mobile phone that has the musical and multimedia, memory width so key factor. Unfortunately, for both internal only provide a small space. W396, for example, provide less than 5 MB. HiTech worse, internal only 505 kb. Luckily, they both provide a microSD card slot as an alternative. In the sales package, Motorola W396 provides a free 2 GB. Meanwhile, HiTech G32 of only 512 MB.

Connectivity & Internet
Connection problems, HiTech G32 juaranya. In addition to the data cable, this phone has also been using the Bluetooth chip. Compare to Motorola, which only set up miniUSB data cable. However, the second mobile phone can also be mass storage and modem PC internet.

One again, the ability roaming the virtual world second mobile phone is also balanced. Browser using the WAP 2.0, which can display XHTML pages with both.

W386 actual battery capacity is lower than the G32, which is 940 mAh 1000 mAh appeal. However, the power management system in both the Motorola was able to give a longer durability. While the complexity feature lavish G32 makes the energy in the power supply is needed. Once in the charging, the battery standby W396 can be up to 3 days. While the G32 battery can only survive as long as 1.5 days.

You want to appear trendy Motorola W396 can choose, in addition to cheap prices, features that brought sizable complete. Start from the camera to the MP3 player. However, you have two SIM cards, and both may want to try HiTech G32. Moreover, the price is also not much different. In fact, you will get some other productive features that are not owned W396. But, the design that seemed indifferent to its brand and the world that the withdrawal Motorola, should also be considered.


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Nokia 6600 Fold

Appear more sensual
Design alternatives can be relied upon, Software unsatisfactory

Nokia 6600 can be one of the best Nokia mobile phone in the media from 2003 to 2004. Worth it when greatness Conference name a new product, complete with a selection of design alternatives that promise. Nokia 6600 re-release with new design that is Nokia 6600 Fold.

Although the name has almost the same, the Nokia 6600 Fold is a different product. Not only on the design of folding its course, more than that this product offers some new things. Not as a business phone like a mobile phone Nokia was number 6, but as one of the mobile phone fashion alternative.

Strategy which I strange. Given that Nokia still has a fashion product that ber prefix number 7 and Supernova. And when viewed from the features provided, Nokia 6600 Fold also can not be spelled out in the mobile phone business with dressing fashion. Because, not many features office provided. Unless the 3G network that may be used to send a document file.

Appropriate name, the Nokia 6600 Fold folding design or have us call ordinary clamshell. Size does not fit so great in the clutch feel for the women. Some products CDMA Nokia has adopted the size and design such as this.

However, not only in size only, interesting material that coat its role also gives the impression of sensual phone. Most of the mobile phone area coated by a transparent plastic material is smooth and glossy. Overview of the products we akan fashion old Sony Ericsson Z610.

Including the use of the LED is hidden behind a layer is transparent. This is intended to change the external screen that is usually present in the product clamshell. Thus, when the phone is in standby condition, the fold will appear mulus 6600 without additional ornament. However, when touched twice or sms notification and incoming call, this section will bring a complete information through the LED.

Open clamshell mechanism was close on a button placed on the side of the right phone. By pressing this button, the fold will open automatically. Positive we can only receive incoming calls with one hand, but we must be careful when we hand sweating and slippery, not a movement is not possible to open the flip phone would throw from the clutch.

A most negative things that will be perceived when we realize there is no additional other button except the button on the opener flip phone. That is, when you intend to increase the volume of phone you have to vote bother pressing direction. Usually you live to press the volume key while you continue to talk with your opponent.

Same as the Nokia 6600 Slide, this phone is also a product series 40 Nokia. No Symbian OS is used. Instead all the software delivered on a specific mechanism that does not utilize Java MIDP 2.0 environment is not ugly, but is considered less than the maximum. Moreover, when we find the slow acceleration of the software phone.

For display, the Nokia 6600 Fold is still best in class. OLED 16.7 million colors with QVGA resolution and 2:13 inch diagonal. Because this product is a series 40 phone will also look the same with the other 40 series phones.

As with mobile phone software support 40 new series, the display interface Nokia 6600 Fold look more dynamic. Menu today as a shortcut to some of the others are no longer displayed on the standby screen. On the one hand, this is positive because the channel into one menu, but also to be negative because the time needed for a menu that will be more specific.

Excellent Features
3G Network & Browser
As a phone, the Nokia 6600 Fold does not only offer the course design. UMTS networks running on 2100 MHz frequency is also already there. Thus, almost all the 3G service operator can be used through the phone.

Video call service is the first that can be enjoyed. Secondary VGA camera located on the top left into the main screen. But not all regions can enjoy, this is dependent on the 3g coverage of each operator.

The next thing that you can enjoy a cruising range that is quite fast, the speed up to 384 kbps. With the Nokia browser, web page, wap and combination of both can be displayed properly. Not only that, the speed can also be used for access to Flickr, upload and download images to the site time.

Music Players & FM Radio
Trends of the present mobile phone is always to provide the music player with good quality. Expensive or cheap phone will race show as one of the features that seduce. Nokia 6600 Fold is also lagging. Luckily, with the Nokia music player, mobile phone fashion is the style.

Support for some of the music file is not doubt. Similarly sorting file system that is good. All had been in one package the music player the Nokia 6600 Fold. As an alternative means of entertainment, there's FM radio. In addition to listening to most new music, we can also obtain the information up to date.

Nokia 6600 Fold has a digital camera with 2 megapixel power. There is no autofocus on this phone. So also with the camera which is present in the new Nokia mobile phone. The result is not so disappointing, but not spelled out good. Results outside the room the image will produce a better picture when compared to in the space. Though this camera phone is equipped with an LSD lights flash, not enough help, especially if minimal light conditions.

As an alternative we can still use it as a video recorder. Quality is quite good, because it is able to record VGA resolution video at speeds of 15 fps. Meanwhile, if the resolution of a QVGA zooming in, the recording speed can reach 30 fps.

Facilities include a data cable connection microUSB and Bluetooth version 2.0 has been prepared to send a file throw. Either from phone to phone or computer to the device. Even with a complete profile, Bluetooth can also be used to listen to the music files with a compatible headset.

Nokia 6600 Fold using battery BL-4CT is a Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 860 mAh. Given the many features that do not require large resources, the capacity is sufficient. In one charging Nokia 6600 Fold can survive as long as 1.5 to 2 hours. That also can be decreased if the music player and 3G more intents.

Nokia 6600 Fold bring the concept of sensual material with glossy Clamshell form and make it popular for women or anyone who want to impress on the glamor Nokia product.

Unfortunately, the slow acceleration software and lack some of the camera, volume buttons Folding mechanism to leave the problem will be obstacles. So the price is also a matter of a problem because we only get a 3G phone with a humorous design.


RC nokia
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Zoe Duchesne

Zoe Duchesne is a beautiful model from Canada.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

LG KP500 Cookie

Attractive interface, Support Multimedia Fun Not yet 3G, The camera is less well

LG KP500 appear as Apple iPhone: wide screen with a little access panel, including its slim body. However, bids are not like the interface for the new LG. previously existed Viewty. With the price a bit cheaper, offering a sense a new cookie with the User Interface as Samsung F480.

As a first generation mobile phone technology that has flash Active Users Interface circulating in Southeast Asia, it seems KP500 product will be testing this vendor Korea.

Display similar physical KP500 Cookie ini9 indeed not the first issued by LG. previously, there KS20 and some other models. The direct effect of interest visible from the mobile phone is slim. You never feel the iPhone, surely will be more comfortable holding KP500 Cookie. Slim and elegant, is not the main benefits of the construction KP500, the selection of materials used is also selective. See a plastic cover that is used, quite good and of high quality. Although based glossy, but not slippery in the hand.

Usually, the mobile phone with touch screen will be bothered to lock the screen, often called a keypad lock. In this mode, you can not change or access the menu on the lock before it opened. Here, KP500 Cookie also smart to bring the key with a special icon with the "padlock" of its position in the right side of the body, a path with the SHUTTER button and the camera microSD card slot.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side you will find the volume keys and the port data cable and handsfree. Another one, a pen stylus for the LG KP500 is the basis, not sideways like other touch screen mobile phone. With this concept LG can save a little physical dimensions. Smart.

Display & User Interface
Such as the LG KS20 does not have the operating system Windows Mobile, LG KP500 only run on Java MIDP 2.0 platform. This can be seen from the entire mobile phone interface that is not much different than any other mobile phone. However, with this base Java LG Cookie is possible to explore a variety of application / game platform MIDP or J2ME.

Different, LG KP500 Cookie has been using Active flash interface technology. The result, the menu more attractive and so users can more easily access and explore the functions and features that are there, with just a touch of the smooth surface of the screen.

However, if compared to the property of HTC TouchFLO technology and property MultiTouch iPhone, KP500 Cookie is still quite strong. Interestingly, in the main we can create with the various modes and forms. For example, you can replace the icon or shortcut menu hours to all other directions. Quite intelligent and interesting.

Excellent Features
Strength of the camera that brought LG KP500 Cookie standard only. Only 3.2 megapixel, with a maximum range of image resolution 2048x1536 pixels. Concerning the quality, of course the usual course. In fact, still quite strong compared to the camera 2 megapixel Sony Ericsson K750i. moreover, the phone is not supported by the flash. However, for taking pictures at the level of light bright enough, the results are middling good.

Maximization facilities for the camera, we can use as is. Just a Color Effects, White Balance, night mode and self timer, and do not expect to find features and photo blogging Geotag, such as mobile phone camera of the present resolution also above the 5 megapixel.

Such as photos, video recorder also appear as is. Format film clips that can be made is with 3gp speed 12 fps, with a maximum QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels). The resulting picture is less smooth and still looks broken.

If the camera is less impressive, the multimedia can be a little to cover the shortfall. For example, the music player. For audio codecs, KP500 LG player can play MP3, AAC, AAC +, WMA and RA. Audio sizeable hard. But still soft and comfortable on the ear.

Compare with some other mobile music vendors, such as the Sony Ericsson Walkman and Nokia XressMusic. Average quality of the loudspeaker they are still less powerful than if KP500. However, when using a headset, of course, the quality is far more formidable Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

In addition to music, LG KP500 Cookie is also preparing an alternative to FM radio through the second. However, as usual to activate this menu you have to use a headset that also functions as an antenna.

Motion Sensor Games
Other advantage of the LG KP500Cookie is the ability to play games based on the movement sensor. Similar to the Sony Ericsson F305, which also use the same motion sensor game. However, this technology is still less than Accelerometer that mostly used the latest Nokia mobile phone gaming.

Internet & Connection
In addition to entertainment, the LG KP500 can be taken seriously. Evidence, this could be the phone modem internet network via EDGE and GPRS. Unfortunately, there is no path in 3G/HSDPA phone. The ability to browse the internet, KP500 Cookie supported WAP 2.0 browser.

Meanwhile, for this model phone connection on the data cable and LG typical Bluetooth v 2.0 + ERD.

Phone using a standard battery type Lithium Ion. Sizeable capacity for large size-class mobile phone LG KP500 Cookie, which is 900 mAh. Because the facility was also not too wasteful of energy, so for once fully charging, the battery KP500 can survive up to 2.5 days.

See the concept offered through LG KP500 Cookie, including features that support was, it seems to create an alternative so you can not try the iPhone. Moreover, the price offered is also quite affordable. However, poor access to data via the 3G network is not supported by this phone, and the performance of the camera still does not appear to be so short of the maximum which is very visible.


Monday, January 19, 2009

IMO G315

Double Cheap GSM Thin Design Touch Screen, With Unique Menu

Variations in service rates, to make mobile phone with Dual GSM technology into many people are interested. Because more people will choose to bring a mobile phone from the two mobile phone networks with the same. In addition to the expensive price, will also be making time taken.

In the market itself has a lot of mobile phones on the GSM Dual manifold. Counted more than two series have been owned by the respective vendor. IMO alone already has more than three series equipped with this technology. This proves to make the seriousness IMO Dual mobile phone on the market. Recently, IMO also introduced a series of back IMO G315 mobile phone as an alternative of this type. Besides the cheap price, other features also not less interesting.

IMO G315 has a candybar design, with a thickness to reduce the size of a fairly thin. Dressing in the colors silver, make the phone looks elegant. But unfortunately the material is selected that is less than the maximum of plastic material. Perhaps this is the phone causing the load to be light.

Alphanumeric keypad layout that is made with the average body is quite difficult when choosing each console, as there is no divider between one another. Fortunately the size of a large and a soft cushion to be easy when we send an SMS message.

To select menu, provided 5-way navigation button in the box. Besides the two call buttons are also included to support the technology Dual On. While one more key functions as a multimedia shortcut keys.

On the right wing, the phone displays USB port while the camera key and charger. While in the left wing only strengthened by the volume keys. To support the touch screen at the bottom of a small stylus that can be extended as you wish.

Display & User Interface
As a display, using the G315 interface 262 screen resolution thousands of colors that have touch technology. Wide size, which is 2.8 inch. With this size is quite satisfying in the users use it. In addition to using the keypad can available, the interface is also able to identify with Handwriting stylus or using the virtual keyboard when typing messages.

To order menu that is displayed other than normal. Because the order of the matrix from the top down has a 2,5,2 formation. With the view icons at the bottom of the small and large represented the animation on the top menu if you choose. Then when going idle, G315 will lock screen displays such as the iPhone and display hours.

Unfortunately, the order of this menu can not be changed such as mobile phones now. But the interface is usually quite different from this, certainly a typical mobile phone use in the IMO's matrix of standard normal order.

Excellent Features
Network Technology
To the user ease of two GSM operator card will be pampered with Dual on GSM technology. Moreover, both can be active at once. So that the user does not need to use two phones again. This feature is well prepared by IMO. Evident from the setting that is complete according to user needs, such as call, SMS, MMS, Browser and prompt dial.

To activate the card, can be arranged according to needs through the call settings > settings Dual SIM > SIM select Enable, then choose to stay where you want the card is turned on or both.

Support is considered enough entertainment features accommodate multimedia lovers. Music player because the player is able to play several file formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC +, WAV and AMR. Not only that, the G315 is able to play a video file format that supports MPEG4 and 3gp files. Unfortunately, features FM radio and TV tuner forgotten.

Quality of sound produced from the speakers to its audio output, clear and good enough. Because the two-speaker stereo support loudspeaker. Moreover, when the sound level is set at the maximum, so it is able to produce a loud voice. Moreover, with six Equalizer therein, can be adjusted according to the users ear.

Other features on the music player application is to display the lyrics that can be installed, so you can easily karaoke.

Although not using the 3G technology, G315 using two fixed cameras. Position the camera is on the front and back. Both have the same resolution is VGA. With the resolution has the G315 is able to generate the image size 640x480 pixels. Adequate size for the phone with a relatively cheap price of this.

Unfortunately, both the second camera in front of or behind that is not equipped with a flash light, so that the images on the night less than perfect. While the results of an image on a normal day, and relatively less focus, may not be included because the autofocus feature. The same results occurred when the recorded video views.

In this mobile phone users can store 500 contacts Phonebook, where each contact can be included on the number 3. While for the storage of SMS and MMS each can be stored for 50 and 200 types of messages.

While the G315 offers storage in the internal memory of 31 MB, while for external memory using MicroSD, and there the user will get a bonus of 1 GB microSD. If the user still can not replace it until the maximum capacity of 2 GB.

Facilities of the gamer can not forget that included in the phone is quite slim. Included some of the game is quite entertaining and can kill the time waiting. The two games and the Game Link Boxman.

G315 in this game are also included NES emulator (Nintendo Entertainment System). With the simulator is able to add you and play the game Nintenso support. How to enter into the game folder is ROM (game) that provided the phone.

Other Features
G315 also has other features that are not less important, such as the File Manager to manage the files that have the phone, Calendar to manage or schedule an appointment, Alarm, World Clock, Calculator and Alarm. Create your hobby is reading, can utilize the features E-Book reader. In addition, for those of you who like the sound recording. Features on the voice recorder can not record with a limited duration, provided that the available memory is enough.

Internet & Connectivity
On business connections, only the GPRS is still a mainstay on the phone. Fortunately the two cards held, the user can select the most robust signal when access to the internet. With the WAP browser which has guaranteed all able to open the WAP page.

While the path to the wireless connection, users can take advantage of Bluetooth to send files between devices that support. Unfortunately, not yet equipped with the A2DP capable Bluetooth to connect the stereo headset.

If only there is a connection to a PC USB data cable to perform well enough to just send the file. Even without special software support IMO can be directly recognized as a removable disk and card reader. In addition to the data cable G315 also change into a webcam with the special driver.

For mobile phone that has a function to create two cards inside the phone must be extra hard to activate the second card, and the result type of battery Lithium Ion 1800 mAh strength is chosen by the IMO. With the strength of this G315 is able to 300 hours standby time and talk for 5.5 hours.

Of the many phones that have features Dual on GSM, G315 may IMO could be an alternative option for it on a GSM Dual-GSM. In addition to the price be calculated cheap, evidently also feature no less with the other.

Unfortunately the G315 does not include a TV tuner and radio. Fortunately IMO has an interesting design. Including the unique menu display. With cheaper prices, when the G315 is not reasonable to provide many additional features.


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Molly Sims

Molly is an American model and actress. Molly is best known for her role as Delinda Deline in the former NBC drama Las Vegas. Sims was an official spokesmodel for Old Navy ads known for using the tag line "You gotta get this look!" She appeared in the Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Issue" in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006 as well as MTV's House of Style. In the 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue she appeared in a photo wearing a bikini designed by Susan Rosen worth $30 million that was made of diamonds. She is a CoverGirl model and is signed to Next Models Management in New York City. She appeared as Delinda Deline in the series Las Vegas. She appeared in the 2006 movie The Benchwarmers, and will be featured in the upcoming movie The Pink Panther 2. Sims appeared in the 2008 comedy Yes Man and will be appearing alongside Disturbia star Sarah Roemer in the upcoming 2009 comedy Fired Up. On December 6th, 2008 Sims appeared in the SNL digital short Jizz in My Pants as the girl with Andy Samberg in the beginning of the skit.
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Nokia E63

Save a version ready to fight Places Reduction feature does not interrupt, Casing also lax

Though visible to concentrate on multimedia products, Nokia remains faithful to the fans of its businesses. Evidence new E series appear in the market with the E63. Overview of design and features that brought not much different from the previous E series product that is E71. But the fact is a new product is released as a version of the E71 sparingly.

E63 features that bring more economical than the E71. Is not easy choosing which should be reduced and seems to know what is in this product is the best results. Camera, HSDPA and external cashing some of the features are affected by savings. There are more?

As preceding, E63 made in a candybar design card type. Tend to thin out and useful to provide space to display the portion of the QWERTY keyboard and widescreen.

However, unlike the E71, this mobile phone cashing material is no longer in the domination of metal or plastic Texturized metal. Effect of glamorous reduced with the use of plastic on the back of the doff and plastic on the front of the ordinary. Similarly, with the coloring. When the E71 colors used are white and silver in the E63 colors that appear more fun start, such as red and blue. E63 means more to the market a more youthful and dynamic.

In addition to the material, does not have anything else of interest in the design. Few complaints may be directed to cover the audio port that does not stick to the main part cashing. Feared, closing this port will be easily lost due to the small size.

Nokia E63 strengthened the operating system Symbian S60 3rd edition. In other words, the mobile interface is the same as the E71. TFT display 16.7 million colors 320 x 240 pixels, pixels 2:36 into the main system. Same with the E71.

Similarly standby display and the types of applications that can run on the phone. Same!

Excellent Features
Series E series is business. Requirements that must be fulfilled is the compatibility of the office a number of files so that you do not need to bring the device to open the computer and edit the file. Terms that have been fulfilled thanks to the presence of QuickOffice applications. You can open and edit word documents, excel and power point in the phone wherever you are.

To do so, you can use the keyboard with the QWERTY layout is the same as the computer keyboard so that you can do with the quick editing. If you must send it to your business colleagues, the internet is also quickly available. You can send it via email that supports attachments. Easy is not it?

In addition to the file in the office E63 you can also open the PDF files, organizing the ZIP file manager.

Web browsers typically Symbian mobile phone ready to be the main advice to explore the virtual world. Ability show format and wap web sites with the same benefits that are offered. With a screen width of browsing activities become more comfortable.

However, the browser is not the only factor that will help you. It's WiFi receiver on the phone. We can take you around the hotspot to access the Internet easily.

When there is no hotspot then you can switch channels using the 3G data speed. Indeed, there is no HSDPA on this phone, meaning you will only be given flexibility to access the channel data speed of 384 kbps.

This feature is one of the reduced. Where no internal GPS receiver in the mobile phone. However, Nokia has been preparing a number of navigation features such as Nokia Maps. Of course, this application will be more useful if you buy an external Bluetooth GPS receiver separately.

This phone brings digital camera 2 megapixel strength. Unfortunately, E63 is the camera work a camera phone only. That is, good enough to capture spontaneous images, but less good for use as a tool of photography more seriously.

No autofocus and advanced camera settings here. Flash type LED also add only severe circumstances. Not ugly, but less good for a flash because of too much light to shed the image so that objects appear bright over.

In addition to photos, the camera E63 can also be used to record video with QVGA resolution and a maximum speed of 15 fps record. Good enough for a camera mobile phone business.
Although the Nokia E63 is a business product in the range, features still maintained in media with the capability of not less with the mobile phone Nokia series N. One is a music player. Music player is the same with the Nokia N series. Have performance that is also equivalent to support the file format is more or less the same.

File management system is considered to be the music player is good. We can easily find a song based on only one of the ID3 tag information to its course.

Output sound directly from the phone so less well. This caused the speakers to a single shaft. To overcome this we can use the 2.5 mm stereo headset.
Bluetooth and data cable into the mobile phone facilities with other devices. Both have supported the new system. Including the A2DP profile for listening to music with a wireless device.

HSDPA and GPS without batteries E63 work so a bit more light. Nokia still retain the type of Lithium Polymer battery with 1500 mAh capacity. Same as E71. No wonder if the resistance can be better than the preceding.

Nokia E63 is suitable for devices that require you to perform business activities, for example, send documents, email and sms with more quickly. Connection WiFi, QWERTY keyboard, 3G network and features a number of tools into the business quickly.

However, for a device that was cheaper, E63 seems to have too much reduction. GPS, material, camera, video call camera, HSDPA is affected by a number of features of quality. Unless you really do not need these features.


RC nokia
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Ponsel Secondary Segment

Sony Ericsson S302 Snapshot vs Nokia 7100 Supernova
Maximization Fashion Fight Optimization Cameras

There are several mobile phone in the middle market focus on bidding for the market that tends segmented. See the Nokia 7100 Supernova with "fashionable" and the Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot camera that show the benefits. Mobile Phone Review will try to compare handset that is classified in this class is.

On the Nokia 7100 Supernova, mix black and pink body combined with the concept of sliding solid material making them very straktif. Elements of fashion seen on the front of the phone, domination black enhanced with pink lines on the button.

Like other Nokia Supernova, 7100 This series also showed feminim in the aroma package design. Body candybar Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot is also similar, slightly feminim. Try to see a combination of glossy color blue on the front and black on the back of cashing in the design of integrated thin.

In the keypad, the Nokia 7100 Supernova is quite comfortable with the bit of plastic, but soft as rubber. Easy to play the keys while typing a message. Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson S320, keypad space rather narrow, so that when push the button must be very.

Display & User Interface
Entering the display and interface, it is difficult to select the handset which is better. Both the above on paper or physical, the second mobile phone this ability may be spelled equivalent. Nokia 7100 Supernova and the Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot on same screen with a 262 million TFT color size 2 inch.

Display the menu icons and wallpaper action also able to show both dynamic and rich colors. Offers the concept of interface with the characteristics of each.

Excellent Features
In terms of messaging capabilities, the phone again able to appear balanced. Because, whether or Nokia 7100 Supernova Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot have been sending messages of support that are complete enough. SMS and MMS in addition to both the email support as a means to send the message.

To service the camera, the Nokia 7100 Supernova should be forced to recognize the benefits equal to its opponent. Above paper, the differences between the two mobile phone capability is quite visible.

Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot features that rely on the strength of this 2 megapixel camera (1600x1200 pixels). Compare with Nokia 7100 Supernova camera that is only 1.3 megapixel (1280x1024 pixels). Excess other Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot is available lights flash.

When testing is done on the visible viewfinder Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot is wider than the Nokia 7100 Supernova. While the resulting display image are also more sharp and clear. Facilities are available on the camera Sony Ericsson also more sophisticated and comprehensive.

In addition to photographs, the phone can also record video. However, the Nokia 7100 Supernova can only record a maximum resolution of 128x96 pixels in 3gp format. While the Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot able to record at 176x144 pixels.

Media Entertainment
To support the completeness of the phone, each vendor does not want to use the features behind the entertainment. At least, almost a common multimedia functions on the phone there is now present in the Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

In concept, the second mobile phone this is more oriented segment of the drill is that as a camera phone (Sony Ericsson) mobile phones and fashion (Nokia). But vendors still accommodate user needs, such as music player, video and FM radio.

Connectivity & Internet
Such as mobile phones, in general, the second handset is already equipped with Bluetooth and USB data transfer to perform. To complete the data transfer service is required of a great memory. Unfortunately, the Nokia is not available so an external memory capacity is limited. Unlike the Sony Ericsson that has a memory slot M2.

Exploring the virtual world is more familiar in the mobile phone users. Result, this sector also be quite serious with the vendor. In fact, the Nokia 7100 Supernova has been using Opera Mini 4 on browser. Beyond that, the second mobile phone is the same as using WAP 2.0/xHTML, with class 10 GPRS and EDGE class 10. Acceleration is not much different between the two.

Other Features
Other features that are integrated in the Sony Ericsson as TrackID, PlayNow, File Manager. While the Nokia 7100 Supernova features related support services such as virtual world share on Ovi, Opera Mini and dictionary.

Capacity battery Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot (950) mAh and Nokia 7100 Supernova (860) mAh. Not surprisingly, in the normal day-to-day, batteries, Sony Ericsson and Nokia is equivalent, can survive about 2.5 hours.

If you see the price and facilities offered by the second phone, it seems Sony Ericsson S320 Snapshot shows that the benefits are better than the Nokia 7100 Supernova, especially in terms of features. Such as 2 megapixel camera and external memory M2.

But, if you like the mobile phone design with a little more elegant, plus the advantages in terms of access the virtual world, the Nokia can be selected. Support Opera Mini 4, and Share on Ovi service from this vendor at least interesting enough to try.


Katharine McPhee

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Katharine Hope McPhee is an American pop & R&B singer, songwriter, actress, model, and television personality. She gained fame as a contestant on the fifth season of the FOX reality show American Idol, eventually finishing as the runner-up. In 2006, she signed to RCA Records as a recording artist, releasing her debut album Katharine McPhee in January 2007. In 2008 she starred in the movie "The House Bunny" as the pregnant hippie, Harmony.

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Relying WiFi and GPS

Although previous issue more low end mobile phone class, Motorola fact remains the same attention to business. Evidence, a series smartphone vendor America are right this. The selected name is MotoQ.

Like family "MotoQ" other smartphone operating systems that have Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard is also to bring the design width, the structure of the QWERTY keyboard. This is related to its main function as a mobile business that the ease of access to office facilities. For example, text messages, email and the standard features of Windows Office.

Unlike his senior, MotoQ 11 has some new abilities. There is a WiFi can be used for high-speed internet connection and stable. Media also support this connection with the Boingo Mobile, which can automatically to connecting MotoQ 11 to hundreds of locations in the WiFi all over the world.

Your hobby is traveling also pampered with dish technology GPS / A-GPS. Meanwhile, the software for digital maps can use Google Maps.

In the entertainment, MotoQ 11 have also set up a media player and 3.2 megapixel camera plus strength lights flash and the ability to record 15 fps video speed.


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Irina Voronina

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Irina Voronina is a Russian model. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month in January, 2001 and has appeared in numerous Playboy videos. She has also modelled for another adult magazine, Perfect 10. She appeared in the 2005 Playmates at Play at the Playboy Mansion swimsuit calendar as calendar girl of May. The calendar was the inaugural Playmates at Play calendar and it was shot on the grounds of Playboy Mansion in 2004. It was Playboy's first attempt at creating a non-nude swimsuit calendar featuring Playmates similar in style with those from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.Irina was also featured twice in the Playboy Cyber Club's celebrity photographer section. One was a topless pictorial shot by Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. Another was presented as if shot by Manne Quinn, the Axe mannequin. After being disrobed and photographed, Irina presumably is overcome by the Axe effect and cannot resist making advances on the dummy.She has recently appeared in the films Reno 911!: Miami and Epic Movie. She is also a series regular on Adult Swim's first ever live action show Saul of the Mole Men (Cartoon Network), playing the role of Fallopia. Her feature film credits include 2007's "Balls of Fury".She is the 2008 St. Pauli Girl Beer spokesmodel, a position held in previous years by other Playboy Playmates.