Nokia Tube 5800 review specs and price

Now, finally, Nokia too into the touch screen fray - The Nokia Tube or 5800 expressmusic touchscreen smartphone has the possibility to eat in the Apples iPhone market share.

While the 5800 (Nokia tube) is not the first Nokia touchscreen phone, (Nokia 7710 was launched in 2004) the Finns definitely borrowed some design tips from Apple in the iPhone, but I think that Nokia has hit the right notes in 5800 with its great set of features. Above all, it seems, you get more for their money than the iPhone.

5800 Expressmusic or just Nokia Tube will be available for about $390, simfree. Only simfree part can be a big selling point, as you would use your phone on any network, anywhere in the world, without the unlocking of the phone as iPhone.

Nokia first touch screen phone interface, a number of clever touches, such as the menu, and a Hi-Res 640x360 screen. There are also some pretty impressive specifications: HSDPA, 3.2MP camera with dual LED flash, GPS 8GB memory card in a box, the support of Flash video and 3.5 mm jack for headphones.The Tube will Nokia Comes with music bundle, which will allow users for free download an unlimited number of songs from the Nokia Music Store for one year after the initial purchase.

One of the main features is a Nokia, groundbreaking music comes with a feature that allows people to buy a Nokia phone with one year unlimited access to tracks from the Nokia Music Store. After the year is complete, users can keep all their downloaded music.

There are FM radio and powerful built-in stereo speakers offering the greatest sound of a mobile phone.

Perhaps one of the most interesting innovations is that the phone supports handwriting recognition. If you e-mail messages or messages with the help of a virtual alphanumeric keyboard or a virtual computer-style QWERTY keyboard, you can use a stylus pen to write on the touch screen.

       * Pros: A powerful set of functions. Very Hi-Res screen. 8GB memory in the box.
       * Cons: Touchscreen sometimes does not work. Paltry internal memory. Browsing the Web experience is not as smooth as the iPhone

Nokia 5800 review Specs and price
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