New Nokia 6720 classic vs Nokia 6710 Navigator features full and interesting

Nokia 6720 classic

The arrival of the Nokia 6720 Classic is very eagerly awaited release in the market since before the news leaked that the phone is given an advantage in a clear voice on the phone. Design phone models are designed with a curved line indicates the curve of the human face. Thus will deliver the speaker sound better and clearer. The point here noise around the user who is receiving telfon be muted so that the external sound will be reduced and more features internal sound quality.

Nokia 6710 Navigator

Mobile phone Nokia 6710 Navigator series, is a phone that is designed to communicate separately but intended for navigation also is seen by the presence of a special key to access the entire process of navigation, including A-GPS, a compass and the zoom area to have a function to clarify areas of visible objects in the map. to provide flexibility for mobile users is also available 2.6-inch screen sizes with the aim to treat the user in seeing the object in the map and with the support of a comfortable keypad.

Nokia Maps is a unique feature of the Nokia 6710 Navigator digunkan where this facility to users when exploring interesting places new, where users can share maps are available to share with relatives through messaging features, tag locations, and online reviews. For photographing affairs, 6710 Navigator series was not to be outdone, the article is membekal mobile navigator 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics support and dual LED flash to produce quality photos.

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