Competition about 4 Mobile phone flip Extreme Military Style

Competition in the mobile market more exciting with the presence of 4 fold style phone is designed for extreme heavy and military fields. 4 mobile phone 3 is issued by the leading mobile phone vendors Motorola, Samsung and Motorola. Although the capabilities of the military standard, but we also may be allowed to enjoy reliability..

LG Helix

Although the extreme-capable phones but this one is more feminist relihat with pink bandages really girly, nterdiri features of Bluetooth, camera, mobile web browsing, etc.

Samsung Convoy

Phone vendor partnership with Verizon wireless, the featured withstand extreme shock, dust, vibration, and the pressures the other extreme. Hanset Thus it is suitable for outdoor activities alamiliter. In addition he also support 3G and PTT (Push to Talk).

Motorola Quantico

This tri-band CDMA phone has EVDO support and design quite interesting. Namely the extreme ability to survive in water for about 30 minutes apart from that he was also resistant to temperature, dust, shock, vibration and rain rintikan. Another feature go round GPS, Bluetooth and camera.

Motorola i680 Graces FCC Site

Still from the same manufacturer ie Nokia from the design of the green color military style was predictable that this phone is made suitable outdoor activities, extreme excess of this i680 phone, go round the GPS feature that has been supported by two satellite. The camera and microSD are increasingly supporting features makes this phone attractive.

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