Samsung Mobile will Updating the feature Samsung i8910 Omnia

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Samsung Mobile get a lot of criticism of mobile products Omnia i8910 series, a lot of criticism that comes to Samsung mobile about this device, these complaints were addressed by Samsung.

Here's some input from consumers about the inconvenience of the i8910 Samsung Omnia. First of updates platform that can not be done in all countries, Next is the problem more specifically the camera and video recording section. Samsung Omnia in trouble with the speed of many users complained since the first day of use. Then the problem is difficult to Browser customizable.

To respond to complaints that Samsung mobile will soon make improvements. They will consider to add autofocus in camcorder mode and time-lap video.
And in response bebrapa there is no news of them is wearing no longer be difungsikannya Fm radio feature, although there is in omnia hardware, then we will see the portrait QWERTY (as deemed necessary), voice command, the thread configuration of SMS and email facilities (because it is considered too difficult), VoIP (because not supported by some operators).

This is a lesson for Samsung Mobile separately so that it can improve the performance of creating products that are reliable and high quality.

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Write by: RC - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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