Palm Release WebOS 1.4

WebOS 1.4
Palm released a new version WebOS 1.4 two days ago with the addition of recording and editing features including video sharing between Palm Pre and Pixi. In addition, this new OS allows users to cut and upload videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, or sent via email and MMS.

The new OS also adds support for plug-in Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta. According to Palm, the plug-in is a separate application will be available in the App Catalog, though not yet known exactly when the time availability. WebOS 1.4 is also extended battery life and accelerate the launch time in addition to improving performance in some alikasi. To change can be seen on the Palm support site.

Updates will be available automatically and sent to the phone in the next few days, or the user can perform the update manually from the application update.

In addition to the OS update, Palm also plans to cut its product prices. This relates to sales figures which do not match expectations.

Discounts are given up to 50% for Sprint customers in the U.S., Walmart and even eliminate these phones if users buy it in the contract package. While Verizon had already cut prices Pixi up to 20% after one month of sales and provides free Pixi for the second handset if part of the contract.

This would reduce the level of sales revenue, but this step is expected to boost the sales of smartphones. Nonetheless, some analysts are still pessimistic about whether these measures can succeed.

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