Qualcomm 7X30 2010 processor For specific Android Smartphone


Qualcomm finally issued a new processor in Q1 of this 2010 Quarter 1, through the MWC event processor was introduced.

Porcessor 7X30 plans that series is designed to optimize Android Smartphone handset. Where the processor supports all applications Android Smartphone yng taken, even for the video player he was able to run 4 videos at once at the same time. For 3D gaming, animation, too comfortable, look more comfortable HDMI output compared with the 3D UI and has supported important flash player is compatible with Android, a mobile is different with window 7 is not yet support this feature.

7X30 Processor Qualcomm plans will be used for the first time Google Nexus two and HTC HD3 and will be sold this year.

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