Latest Mobile ti-phone T28

ti-phone T28

Mobile Ti-Phone T28 like blackberries Onyx / Javelin Model

Rp 399.000, -

The launch of new handsets with ti-phone T28 series will make the competition a QWERTY handset models will be more stringent blackberries, let alone the price offered by vendors increasingly cheap. Ti-Phone T28 has a design very similar to the Blackberry Onyx / Javelin, this is a trick hanl for this handset sold.


Network: GSM dual-On. Model: QWERTY Phone. Camera: VGA. Other features: super loudspeaker, audio recorder, MP3/MP4 Player, FM Radio. Screen: 1.8 inch, Qwerty keyboard

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Write by: RC - Friday, March 19, 2010

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