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Next Generation Ford Explorer Spied Uncovered
Our spies have caught the 2011 Ford Explorer undisguised. See the pictures inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Entire next-gen Mercedes S-Class model range to be hybrids, except AMG
Mercedes-Benz is working on a plug-in hybrid system for the S-Class that will have a fuel consumption figure of about 80 mpg (or 3 liters/100 km).
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Students Receive Ford Focus RS to Race in 24 Hours of Nurburgring
FH Köln Motorsport, based at the Cologne university engineering school, will prepare the factory-issue Focus RS for the endurance race.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
BMW Technik Think Tank Celebrates 25 Years of Concepts [Video]
We give you a quick recap of the 25-year histor of BMW development team BMW Technik. The story and video inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
2011 Volkswagen Touareg Exclusive Options Now Available in Germany
Details of the new 2011 Volkswagen Touareg Exclusive Options can be found inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Nissan, Daimler in talks to swap engines, electric vehicles
According to a recent report, Nissan and Daimler are discussing swapping engines and electric vehicle technology.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Porsche Marks 60 Years of Selling Performance in America
A brief history of Porsche in America, 60 years in the making. The story inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Senner Audi S5 White Beast
Senner Tuning changes the body kit for the Audi S5 V8 FSI. Maximum engine power also increases by 30hp.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Ford Focus RS500 Announced Via Teaser Site [Video]
A new video gives us a glimpse of the special edition Ford Focus RS500, set for an introduction on Wednesday. The story inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Americans Hate Wagons - Volvo V70 to Get Axe in U.S.
Volvo's North American operations will no longer sell the V70 station wagon in that region, thanks to disappointing sales figures.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Hamilton Caught doing Burnouts - Charged by Melbourne Police
Lewis Hamilton was on Friday night charged by local police after he was caught doing smoky burnouts and 'fish-tailing' in a Mercedes road car near the Albert Park circuit.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
Ferrari 599 GTO Completely Uncovered in Spy Photos
We have new pics of a seemingly-final version of the Ferrari 599 GTO... and it looks hot. Find out more inside.
03.26.2010 3/26/10 ... view
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