iphone More Great From Nexus One, Droid and Droid Eris


The results of experiments conducted by MOTO Development Group regarding the reliability of touch-screen smartphones today again highlighted many of the iPhone, Nexus One, Droid and Droid Eris who aling the answer is great and the iPhone.

From the results of experiments and testing that was mentioned Wordpress handset called the iPhone Apple is indeed thinking about the best value time of the trial to draw a straight line subtly in various speeds and pressures while Droid One Eris and Nexus are the second and third diurutan although only slightly below the iPhone . While Droid last ranked worst dengantingkat response.

IPhone greatness lies in the small sensor size, high sampling speed, and processing of more sophisticated sensors in determining the movement of a finger. While other third handsetyang thinking about larger sensors in the iPhone appeal, which could result in an error estimate of the input so the line looks stratified.

Keep in the know that this smartphone four equally kapasitatif use touch screen, so if this continues it is not impossible Android handset, the handset will receive the most complaints from pemngguna. Based on these test results MOTO Development Group recommends that the quality of the touch screen becomes the main focus so that users can meresakan comfort and get a different experience to a new handset later.

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