Smartphone Thosiba K01 and TG02 with WinMo Platform (Windows Mobile)

MWC event in Barcelona 15-18 February 2010 is an appropriate arena for vendors to introduce the best performance results to the public world, especially for hadset Mobile Phone. Thosiba also mabila part in this event by introducing two handsets sekalidus ie Thosiba K01 and TG02.

In the second statement of this handset using WinMo platform, may not be interested Thosiba to use Android, Brew or Meego. TG02 smartphone has a thin body with a wide QVGA display that is 4.1 inch support for multimedia applications. To support that feature 1 GHz processor and Windows Mobile 6.5. has been prepared..

As for Smartphone K01, has a longer model that is Booimg currently QWERTY slide with a message optimasimenulis benefits. Quality OLED screen uses the width equal to the TG02 had 4.1 inches and the thickness of the thin body as well. Processor which in use is 1 GHz for memory has been prepared to support a microSD slot that can be upgraded to 32 GB. There was still no confirmation of when the handset will be officially sold..

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