Add Continues, Microsoft's Mobile Operating System

JAKARTA, - Again Microsoft offered a new mobile operating system. Which is targeted at users in business and enterprise.

Windows Embedded Handheld OS will be split into two versions:

• resilient device (ruggedized devices) - Windows Mobile 6.5-based technology, scheduled for late 2010.
• Enterprise Handheld - based Phone 7, scheduled for the second semester of 2011.

"If you see an offer Windows Phone (now), actually directed to a smart phone," said Microsoft spokesman David Kelly. "But this must be in line with what is required on the device or handheld enterprise world where you have needs such as different input methods .. . Also, if you see the support of-life, this does not really fit with the business side of consumers. "

Currently, noted Mary-Jo Foley of ZDNet, Microsoft is offering at least six different operating systems (and confusing) for mobile phones and mobile devices. Microsoft has two different mobile operating systems - Windows Mobile Phone OS 6.x and 7.0. If Kin phone OS, which is a modified version of OS 7.0, calculated, so the number three. That's new for Windows Embedded Handheld OS.

In addition there is the OS for TV set-top box, kiosk and other embedded tasks, known as Windows Embedded Standard 7. Plus there is Windows 7, which is positioned as an OS for tablets and netbooks. Plus 7 for Windows Embedded Compact PC manufacturers who intend to make the 'Slate' (a physical computer in slate) and other consumer mobile devices in the path of non-Intel processors and uses less battery power.
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