Facebook and Google Maps Dominance Mobile Application

Facebook and Google Maps, both applications that look very dominating on most brand new smart phone platform at this time. Nielsen market research company recorded a Facebook application users was the highest in the iPhone (58%).

Then followed the BlackBerry (51%) as well as a number two on the Android (50%). While Google Maps on Android won the first position (67%), the second in a BlackBerry (34%) and third in the iPhone (47%).

The survey was conducted 'Nielsen' to 4200 people in the United States who have been downloading applications on their smart phones in the last 30 days. The survey titled 'App Playbook' was recorded 21% users in the U.S. mobile telephone service using smart phones last quarter of 2009, up from 14 percent in the same period in 2008.

Following the application data (non-gaming) is the most widely used in the most popular smart phone platforms:

1. IPhone: Facebook (58%), iTunes (48%), Google Maps (47%)
2. Android: Google Maps (67%), Facebook (50%), Weather Channel (38%)
3. Blackberry: Facebook (51%), Google Maps (34%), Weather Channel (28%)
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