IPad prices in Europe surge 25%

CANBERRA - Apple's latest gadget, iPad just entering the international markets this weekend. iPad start reaching some areas in Europe, Asia and Australia.

But, the price offered for the different European markets approximately 20 to 25 percent. "In the UK, Germany, France and Italy iPad prices much different than in the United States," said CommSec chief economist Craig James, a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia's trade as reported by Reuters on Monday (5/31/2010).

IPad highest price is also applied in other countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Canada. IPad the cheapest prices in Europe for Wi-Fi model. In the United States model of Wi-Fi dibanderol approximately USD499, while in the UK Wi-fi 16GB model dibanderol approximately USD620, for Canada and Japan USD536 USD520.

For other models, such as iPad 64GB with 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi in the U.S. in England dibanderol USd829 approximately USD1.010 appreciated. While in Germany, Italy and France, iPad is marketed at a price of USD980.

The price difference can not be separated from the turmoil of the national debt in Europe and the UK that has rocked the euro and the pound in recent months, global currency and threw them into chaos. (Ugo) Okezone.com
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