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The idea or the presentation of an issue now is no longer sufficient displayed in a colorful print specially designed arouse our attention. Bring it on a broader audience requires a projector that can be relied upon.

Many digital projectors offer from a variety of brands, sizes, and the like, including features that follow the progress of information communication technology. Digital projectors now have a variety of additional technologies, such as relying on an HDMI connection (high-definition multimedia interface) because the greater the data displayed on the projector screen.

Another thing that also want to be integrated into digital projectors today is how we connect the notebook computer that contains the data you want to display no longer rely solely on cable, but also brings sophistication of wireless technologies that have become part of everyday life.

About two years ago, carried out in various ways, either by using Bluetooth technology and wireless devices using the 802.11b standard. The issue is, who wants to view the data presented are usually large because they want to attract participants, combining various things besides text, including images, video, and voice.

Often, a Bluetooth connection to a digital projector become inadequate because of the amount of data bands (bandwidth) is too small to be pushed all the multimedia data. As a result, the quality of digital presentations in PowerPoint format made by Microsoft to be inadequate, while using the VGA connection cable do I limit the delivery of presentations.

Blue light

InFocus Corporation
introduced a new digital projector InFocus IN3114 with the ability of digital presentation capabilities, including the use of wireless technology, DisplayLink to connect two USB devices to broadcast presentations.

Using lighting the lamp with 3500 lumens and 1024 x 768 resolution with DLP enjin artificial lighting, digital projectors IN3114 become an interesting device because it provides an alternative connection choice of different impressions. DisplayLink also easy usage and quality of impressions in a multimedia format using a quality equivalent to a direct VGA cable.

InFocus IN3114 able to show the display in the size of 24-244 inches (diagonal length from 60.9 to 619.7 cm) with a 2100:1 contrast ratio, producing sharp images that make it easy to understand presentations.

In contrast to the projector which was made earlier, IN3114 become more attractive design with control buttons and a futuristic remote control device, and a blue light on the projector lamp that allows users to find out whether this device can now be used.


Another type of projector in Panasonic's tried was the series 'PT-FW300NTEA' which has a LAN and wireless networking features allow to connect to multiple computers. What's interesting about this product is its ability to divide the display screen projector into a multi live mode, able to display 16 index shows simultaneously.

Has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, this product has a optical zoom lens with up to 2.1 times, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and using transparent technology, LCD panels using red, green, blue (RGB). With 3500 ANSI-powered lamps and 350 watt power supply consumption.

Using wireless technology, 802.11b/g (there are also connections for LAN networks), this Panasonic products can connect with notebook computers up to a distance of 40 meters and is able to display the size of the display projector to the maximum 300 inches (about 762 cm diagonal).

Convergence device digital projector is now no longer limited by the VGA cable or HDMI connections, but has many options to accommodate a variety of devices that can now easily be used as a source to display presentations. ( L Pattiradjawane)
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