Two Arab countries, Block BlackBerry

Arab - Two influential country in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, has just announced the blocking of a number of features of the BlackBerry service in his country for reasons of national security.

UAE blocked a number of features including: email, internet, and instant messaging to BlackBerry handsets fellow users. While Saudi Arabia to block all instant messaging services on the BlackBerry.

Both countries claim to be disappointed because they can not monitor the communications passing through the cell phone-made smartphone Research In Motion (RIM) from Canada's. Because, BlackBerry encryption data channel automatically to the computer servers outside the two countries.

As quotes from BBC, Monday (02/08/2010), the UAE will start blocking these services feature starting October 2010. While Saudi Arabia will begin implementing its ban late this August.

Abdulrahman Mazi, one of the senior council of state-owned Saudi Telecom operators, the decision to admit this as one way to reduce that RIM would release a user if a data communications when needed.

Meanwhile, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (TRA), said the lack of compliance of RIM's BlackBerry service will be local regulations, could threaten the judicial, social, and national security of the Arab nation.

RIM itself has made no comment on the second similar case in this Arab country. Current BlackBerry subscribers in the UAE is estimated to amount to 500 thousand. While in Saudi Arabia, the number reached 400 thousand. (Rou/Rou)
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