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Lexus LFA full purchase now allowed in U.S., but only with right of refusal agreement
LFA buyers cannot make a profit from secondary sale of vehicle for first two years. Dealer has option to buy back car for fair market value or original sticker price - whichever is lower.
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Rendered: Chevrolet Camaro Z28
Z28 will likely get Chevy's 6.2 liter LSA V8 tuned north of 550 hp (410 kW). The new Camaro Z28 is expected to debut at the Detroit auto show next January.
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BRABUS Ride Control Suspension for Mercedes G-Class
New suspension kit offers damping control to soften the ride of this off-roader.
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Vauxhall lifetime warranty announced
Warranty covers new vehicles up to 100,000 miles (160,000 km) and requires a yearly inspection.
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McLaren announces landmark London location for flagship showroom
Exclusive One Hyde Park will house new McLaren dealership in London. The retail outlet will be run by Jardine Motors Group.
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Range Rover planning a fourth model
According to a recent report, Land Rover is planning to add a fourth model to the Range Rover lineup. Full coverage inside.
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Wald previews aero styling kit for Toyota Prius
The car features an aggressive front bumper, aerodynamic side sills, and attractive six-spoke wheels.
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What recall crisis? Toyota posts $2.2billion 2nd quarter profit
Toyota boosted by rising sales and falling loan defaults in North America. It's financial services arm there accounted for 85 percent of operating profit for the region.
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Lamborghini four-door Estoque production rumours return
A new interview has reignited speculation Lamborghini will build a production version of the Estoque concept. Details inside.
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Infiniti trademarks JX; mystery teaser image quietly surfaces
Infiniti trademarks a series of JX names. Teaser silhouette image may hint at new M coupe or another new model.
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Saab engineer admits mid-engined Corvette C7 was under development
A Saab employee has revealed the Swedes have created a double-clutch transmission for a mid-engine Corvette.
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