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GM deny mid-engined Corvette; hybrid more likely
No mid-engined, wet-clutch Corvette any time soon, says two senior Chevy employees. What's on tap? Find out inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Volkswagen CrossTouran revealed
Get the full scoop on the latest Cross model from VW: a new CrossTouran. The story inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Infiniti IPL G Coupe revealed with 348hp
Infiniti has released official information about the 2011 IPL G Coupe. It features revised styling, a powerful V6 engine, and a sportier suspension.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
BMW M3 Tiger Edition headed to China
Find out the details on the BMW M3 Tiger limited edition available for the Chinese market. The story inside
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Video: Ferrari 458 Challenge looks fast
Excellent video from Maranello, Italy: The Ferrari 458 Challeng zooming around the Fiorano Circuit. Details inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Land Rovers to be built in India and China
Land Rover and Jaguar production could take place in India and China within a year. Find out more inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Jaguar XKR175 limited edition debuts at Pebble Beach
Get the full story about the Jag XKR175 limited edition, with its 174mph top speed, inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
3000hp road legal Vuaxhall headed for VXR Power Festival
What do you get when you combine a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a 1967 Victor FD? The world's fastest Vuaxhall, of course.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Porsche 918 Spyder production details surface from private Pebble Beach event
Get the latest on the Porsche 918 Spyder... will it have more than 700 hp? Find out the details inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
Infiniti G37 Performance model caught ahead of Pebble Beach unveiling
Get the first look of the new performance-oriented Infiniti G37 ahead of its weekend debut, inside.
08.12.2010 8/12/10 ... view
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