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BMW X4, X3 35iS, X3M rumors
New X4 would be a baby X6. It would share its underpinnings with the X3 but looks-wise will be a smaller version of the sport coupe/SUV X6.
08.20.2010 8/20/10 ... view
Arash AF-10 full specs and new pics released
Another car for the "nice to dream" file. Find out more about the Arash AF-10 inside.
08.20.2010 8/20/10 ... view
VW Phaeton to return to U.S. market
If they sold so few the first time around, why try again? The story inside.
08.20.2010 8/20/10 ... view
BMW Megacity further construction details
Megacity all-electric vehicle is due in 2013. The model will be sold under a new sub brand of the BMW Group.
08.20.2010 8/20/10 ... view
Next generation Honda Civic sedan image surfaces?
Next-generation Civic is due in 2011 and will debut as a 2012 model. Image shows a possible iteration of the Civic as a 4-door sedan or maybe a 5-door sloping hatch.
08.20.2010 8/20/10 ... view
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