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Jaguar developing new roadster, wagon and entry-level models
How do we know for sure? The words come from JLR parent company chairman Ratan Tata himself. Find out what he said, inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Lancia Stratos revival further details and photos surface
Stratos model sports the underpinnings of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Stratos model said to be a one-off creation for a rich European industrialist.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Chevrolet unveils Spark Woody Wagon art car
The Spark Woody is part of a series called the Art Sparks - a project of Chevrolet Europe.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Ferrari begin tours of Fiorano test track
Find out what you'll see if you visit the Fiorano Circuit on Ferrari's official tour.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Modified Volkswagen Beetle runs on human excrement
Find out how poop can make the planet cleaner. The full story, inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Rendered Speculation: Audi A7 Coupe
Could we be lucky enough to see an Audi A7 Coupe? One Malaysian enthusiast hopes so, and presents his reasons right here.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Mansory Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero dOro
Mansory has unveiled the Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero d'Oro. It features enough carbon fiber to make a McLaren cry.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe in the works
According to a recent report, Mercedes will offer an AMG version of the C-Class coupe. Full coverage inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Next-gen VW Beetle set to feature 'radical' styling
Details are limited, but the car is described as daring, fresh, and a modern take on a classic.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Hyundai vow entire lineup to average 50mpg by 2025
Hyundai is on its way to a serious improvement over EPA regulations set to come into effect by 2016. The story inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Alfa Romeo to launch full line-up in U.S.
After years of false hope, Alfa Romeo is set to make a full return to the United States. Full coverage inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
KTM X-Bow to underpin upcoming Abarth Roadster - report
Coult a new Abarth Roadster use the KTM X-Bow's platform? Get the details inside.
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
Camaro based Firebreather now available to order
Power is provided by a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine which produces 599 hp (447 kW / 607 PS).
08.05.2010 8/5/10 ... view
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