Telkom Group Supply Thousands Mobile Bundling

Welcoming Ramadan and Idul Fitri 2010, Telkom Group bundle hundreds of thousands of phones with the latest multimedia features for Flexi and Telkomsel. What are the phones that bundling?

Especially for the Flexi, a market leader Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) that provides 100 thousand to 200 thousand mobile music Flexi who likes to pamper customers with multimedia features.

"We took three cell phone providers that Hisense, ZTE, and Nexian. For the first phase is ready to be sold is the Hisense and ZTE," said Director of Consumer, I Nyoman G Wiryanata between Telkom Group Care Program and Telkomsel standby 2010, on FX Plaza , Jakarta, Monday (08/02/2010).

Nyoman explained that the mobile music Flexi offered to the public as customers during the month of Ramadan will be a lot of the time by listening to a song whether it is nuanced worship or entertainment.

"We already have the infrastructure in the form of Speedy fulltrack. Of course, all owned assets should be used to treat 15 million subscribers Flexi," he said.

Expresses, in addition to offering music Flexi, Flexi bundle mobile variant of Muslim has also been increased through encouraging ZTE. "Previously there was only Nexian brand. Now with ZTE is also provided as much as 100-200 thousand units," he explained.

EGM Flexi Division, Mulyatsa Triana said, the number of songs that can be downloaded on mobile phones could reach about 1000 songs. "Around 1000 songs, supplied from GenID, a leading content provider for services to music and songs," he said.

He explained, to enjoy the Flexi Music, customers can subscribe to a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or permanent. For the weekly subscription rate of $ 1000 charged per week that can download up to 30 songs, and USD 2000 per two weeks.

While for the subscription fee permanently Rp 5,000 per song.

Expresses, both phone bundling with Flexi this price range sold in the market at Rp699 thousand per unit. Since its launch mid-July 2010, Hisense and ZTE phones already sold 30,000 units, and is estimated to reach 100,000 units by the end of August 2010.

"The uniqueness of this phone is already downloaded every song that can be sent to friends through social network Facebook. This behavior is according to research from the social networking site users who want to appear to exist in their communities. We, as operators have to meet those needs," he said.

On the same occasion, as a subsidiary Telkomsel is also membundel six multimedia phones, namely the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Samsung S Galaxy, Samsung Champ C3300, Nokia 5230 Xpress Music, Nexian Rhoma, and TiPhone T28.

"We provide a bundling package with affordable price. With the innovation of Google Maps and Ovi Maps are available in this package, will enable customers in preparing for this year's Lebaran going home," said Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Director of Telkomsel.(Rou/ash)[]
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