11 iPhone Apps for Fans of Sex and the City

Be prepared, film lovers of Sex and the City 2 is in the starring by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall. Below will reveal the iPhone applications that match with life in the film.

1. SATC Tour, applications that are sold for 99 cents will give the fans know where the nearest station and detailed information of each station. Unfortunately, these applications can only be accessed on the New York area, location, Sex and the City.

2. Time Out New York. Simply download it for free, fans can find amazing locations all over New York just like in the movie.

3. Dior Apps. It is obvious the main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker has a special liking to the brand image of the Dior brand. Dior application is certainly going to really help the other women to know the latest products besutan Christion Dior.

4. Where women are not fond of shoes? Especially The main character, 'Carrie Bradshaw', collecting dozens of shoes. Now life can be easier, simply by application of the Today's Shoe all the women you know today's shoe fashions.

5. If Samantha Jones got the iPhone, surely he would fully support the application of Cosmo. Applications are taken from the name of Cosmopolitan magazine gives tips on sexual positions directly to iPhone fans. Applications which will cling husband-wife relationship can be obtained only by 99 cents.

6. Speaking of Cosmo, this application may be one of the items that must be owned by every fan of the drama series Sex and the City. Application of the Drink Cosmopolitan Chef will assist the fans with a video showing how to mix drinks and martini recipes or cocktails.

7. Application of The Carrie Diaries is more than just a regular recording applications. Applications that will bring the fans into the main character of Sex and the City, who began by writing love stories. Enough with U.S. $ 14.99 fans can write like Carrie Bradshaw.

8. Free Application Sex and the City Wisdom contains words of wisdom about life events. One of them was like: "Maybe a few labels better left on the bathroom toilet. Because when we label someone, bride, groom, husband, wife, married, single, we'll forget the past these people."

Nine. If the application had not been satisfying the fans, then download the application "Sex and the City Quotes" for 99 cents. By downloading this application the fans will get wise words from the cast films, such as greeting Carrie: "Everywhere I saw people standing in pairs. It was like Noah's ark, the vessel is being controlled."

10. After enjoying wise words before, now is the time to test their fans with some programming knowledge of Sex and the City Trivia. Or just downlaod the application of Sex and the City Quiz. Not only test the ability, but fans can also chat with other fans. Even more interesting, simply reach into 99 cents for every application, the fans can be part of movie lovers director Michael Patrick King is! (DetikINET)
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