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Mobile Software - As one of the open operating system, Android has an advantage in presenting an application from a third party. Moreover, the Android Market today more and more and more variety of applications offered.

For those of you who liked to an be maximized with the Android application. Furthermore, one of the advanuse Android phone photos, and edit them through this handheld device, of course, ctages of Android-based phone has a large enough resolution compared to other handsets.

Here are some applications for editing and fiddling with your own photo catches.

1. PicSay
PicSay application is actually the result of recommendations from a user application Twitter. With this application users can perform powerful image editing process such as color correction, crop images, add text or title of the picture, and the most fun, of course, a variety of special effects cuku.

PicSay Pro image editor suitable for semi-pros who want to quickly edit a short, but no less satisfying results. This application is available at the Android Market with prices USD2.99.

2. FxCamera
For those who like to 'have fun' with the effects, photo editing applications is very fitting. Section, special effects FxCamera quite exciting, there are some visual effects like, ToyCam, Polandroid, fisheye, and Warho SymmetriCam.

FxCamera present at the Android Market for download free of charge or free.

3. Photoshop Mobile
Who's not about the Photoshop desktop version, a lot of people already use these applications on their computers. Were presented to the mobile version of the Android phone was also no less sophisticated version of the desktop.

Through the Android application of Photoshop Mobile users are not only able to crop an image, but also can be used for rolling (rotate) gamber, add color and effects. And, most importantly in this application, users are able filters and a wide range of visual effects.

Price problem, this is also free!

4. Vignette
Through this application is also a variety of features in it, including 0 photo effects, zooming functions, photo bursts, timers, stable shot, white balance, grids, and enable voice, perfect for game users and perform such integration d of Facebook, Twitter, and Geotagging.

The price, USD2.99 in Android Market

5. Finger Paint
Finger Paint is a basic application of the version of MS Paint for Android. With touch-screen interface for smooth, besides editing the user is also able to draw using colors and text. Finger Paint is highly recommended for young users.

This is your standard android applications for free download
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