6 Free Application for BlackBerry that you ust download

New Software - Although at the beginning of April this month RIM's (Research in Motion), BlackBerry maker, has opened their World app, but it is still limited to a few countries making BlackBerry users in most countries in the world can not enjoy it.

BlackBerry App World concept is not much different from what has been released by Apple and Google for each of their products like the iPhone and Android. With the BlackBerry App World, you'll be able to download the application directly to BlackBerry. There are so many applications that are available there, many are free.

Due to the new BlackBerry App World is only available for certain countries only, but that does not mean you let your BlackBerry just empty without additional applications. Unfortunately not.

And below there are six free application for BlackBerry that unfortunately if you miss that you can download and install directly from his website.

1. Viigo

Currently, almost all websites have RSS feeds (Really Simple Sindication) feed that allows readers to read the news/content without any need to type in the URL. And that's the function of Viigo, the RSS Reader mobile application that provides instant access to all websites that have RSS feeds. Viigo has also been supporting the Google Reader service so popular. Select Viigo Standard Edition (SE) is free when you visit a website.

2. Beyond411 Local Search

Although it is enough to search through the internet search sites like Yahoo, but what is provided by Local Search Beyond411 far from it. This application has the ability to search more pages indexed by Yahoo as local business listings, online telephone directories, maps and more. But they can also predict the direction of driving or using GPS to determine location.

3. WorldMate Live

Is a mobile service that is reserved for those who frequently travel by automatically sending content to the user. This application will provide information about hotels, flights and everything associated with your travel plans are going to do.

4. Google Maps

Who is not familiar with Google? With its variety of free services, Google is always trying to provide the best for its users. And one of them is Google Maps, a mobile map application that provides location information with or using GPS. Further, the application also provides satellite images from Google Earth.

5. Facebook for BlackBerry

You include people who do not get out of Facebook? If you include 'addicts' Facebook then just download the application Facebook for BlackBerry this so you'll always be connected with Facebook on the go you are connected.

6. TwitterBerry

Just like Facebook, Twitter also is a useful tool for businesses and individuals to help know what is being done by their friends or colleagues. So if you are a 'twitter', this application is not for you should not miss out on your BlackBerry that will keep you updated with the activities performed by your friends.
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