iPhone 4G Comes with 80GB Storage?

New mobile phones - Nothing wrong if you see your foot stepped on in the bar. Maybe you're so lucky men who have posted pictures of this. The reason, he accidentally found a prototype device that is successor to the iPhone 3G, it could be the iPhone 4G or iPhone HD, inside a box the iPhone 3G in the floor of one bar in San Jose.

iPhone 3G, and has a storage capacity that is not half-hearted, that is for 80GB. Unfortunately, this device can not boot. So, it's hard to know what features it contains.

Thus, it was difficult to ascertain whether this is really a model that will be produced next, or new limited prototype of course. The announcement about Apple's fourth-generation mobile besutan this will come within a few months. So, we wait, if these photos really the next iPhone device or just a prototype phone.[VIVAnews]
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Write by: RC - Friday, May 14, 2010

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