Nokia C3, Mobile Qwerty that not Ordinary

New mobile phones - After Nokia Indonesia to ensure C3 will go into the ground water in early June, the okezone news have opportunity to briefly tried this cheap qwerty phone. Like what?

Overview Nokia C3 body is not far different from E72 or E63, both in the grooves on the edge phones, and navigation buttons that characterized the e-series mobile phones are. About weight, not too consuming places. Full qwerty keyboard is very comfortable for writing. Moreover, the colors are offered quite diverse, ranging from black, beige, until pink.

Claimed as the mobile social networking, do not complete it if C3 does not provide special portion of Facebook and Twitter. In this Nokia C3 presents in the form of client applications, not Web browser-based like most other phones are just simply install the shortcut.

Facebook Client on Nokia C3, made by the Finnish vendor is, a bit like a BlackBerry client. In addition to organizing photos and profiles, we can organize your incoming messages, write status, and notifications. Even upload any photo can be done without fuss, whether it is photos of his own shots, or had been available earlier in the handset.

So indeed, the ability to photograph Nokia C3 not seem very good, especially in a dark room. It may be because C3 armed only with a resolution of 2 megapixels only. To simply were narcissistic ria, C3 is still considered qualified.

Similarly, the Twitter client, without the need to connect to a user's browser can direct the desired update Tweet. Only, okezone have to swallow the disappointment when it turned out to edit Retweet at C3 can not be like those of other Twitter client.

Overall, Nokia C3 is very fitting as a rival mobile phone qwerty local brands made in China are rampant in the market. Although official pricing has not been released, this phone is estimated to be sold not more than Rp1, 5 million. But you must be patient, because the new Nokia C3 will be launched in early June.
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Write by: RC - Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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