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Lamborghini Cnossus student design concept [Video]
Design study the work of automotive design student Victor Filipchenko (along with colleague Nelson Simoes). Inspiration came from the storied Lamborghini Countach.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Luxury Super Yacht with built-in garage by Strand Craft
Swedish boat maker Strand Craft create a luxury yacht design study with 880 hp supercar included.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Viper-based Maybach Exelero replicas set to go on sale
Daimler may have retired the Maybach Exelero concept at its museum, but a Swiss company now plans on putting it into full production with a Viper V10 engine.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Jaguar F-Type is a go
The Jaguar F-Type is now firmly back on the table as JLR owner Tata begins to expand product offerings and factory capacities.
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Spyker in talks with potential partners to build new 9-2
The 9-2 model will be a "super-cool" compact car to compete against the likes of MINI.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Mercedes SL-Class R230 facelift widebody by Prior Design
Widening body kit inspired by the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. German tuner also adds 20-inch rims, new front and rear bumpers, front spoiler and a rear diffuser.
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Joy becomes crisis as Red Bull implodes in Turkey
Having arrived with a dominant car and leading both world championships, Red Bull has departed Turkey in crisis.
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Lotus Europa production to end
European Lotus dealers cease taking orders on the Elise-based Europa. Production will likely come to an end within the next few months.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
2011 Buick GL8 Minivan Spied in China
New GL8 looks very similar to the Buick Business Concept which premiered at the Auto Shanghai show in April of 2009.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Tata planning to build Jaguar, Land Rover models in China
Tata Motors CEO says up to 40,000 units a year could be produced in China. Tata would use Chinese production for the Land Rover and Jaguar marques to keep costs down.
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Pagani Zonda Uno one-off commission to close out the Zonda model
A once-off Pagani Zonda One is to be delivered to its new owner, a sheik from Qatar. It marks the end for the Zonda name while a replacement is being developed.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
WCF reader spots Ford Focus RS in Detroit
One Ford Focus RS was snapped near Detroit by a WCF reader.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
Piëch look-alike depicted as the grim reaper in latest Mercedes commercial?
Piëch said some time ago that Volkswagen AG would be taking on Mercedes. This is likely Mercedes-Benz's clever reply to that.
05.31.2010 5/31/10 ... view
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