Garmin Asus M10, First Smart Cell Phones

New mobile phones - Garmin Asus M10 that carries a three (3) foundation, that is Smart Phone, Smart Navigation and Smart Lifestyle. Equipped with superior features such as GPS navigation and social media tools and wrapped with a sleek appearance, ergonomic and stylish, Garmin Asus M10 create the latest breakthrough in communication.

Smart Phone - Garmin Asus M10 is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional which makes it a complete mobile computers. Convenience to surf the Internet, streaming video, play games, send or receive email, create documents, and other capabilities available only with a 3.5 inch touch screen. Another advantage is the ease of synchronization with Microsoft Exchange so that the M10 data agreements, contacts and email is available in a consistent and intuitive to the user. M10 also can be always connected to 3G networks, EDGE or GSM wireless connectivity via HSDPA capability and WLAN (802.11 b + g)

Smart Navigation
In terms of ability to navigate, M10 comparable with GPS devices like Garmin PNDs in 1460, provides convenience for traveling without fear of losing time because of the lost. Backed by the technological forefront of the Garmin GPS navigation, even in bad weather conditions, M10 has the ability of first time fix (TTFT) is impressive, lasting only 33 seconds. Time is a timeframe for doing satellite lock, as a very useful feature for those who are always on the go.

With 800 x 480 WVGA display is impressive, Garmin Asus M10 ensure display maps and other information such as speed, direction and estimated time of arrival of the clear and obvious. M10 Junction also features * View and Lane Assist *, which gives out information display direction and road signs are in fact, that provide benefits for users who are sometimes confused with the direction of the exit. Car equipment with special designs are also available separately as an alternative in getting comfort while traveling.

Smart Lifestyle
Equipped with social media features like MSN Messenger, Facebook, Youtube & Picassa Uploader, you can easily update social networking with real-time information such as location, status or image and video through features 5 mega-pixel camera. Garmin Asus M10 has on-board memory of 4GB and can be upgraded up to 32GB with microSD card for multimedia capabilities, ensuring entertainment such as music and videos are always available.

With 512 RAM and 512 ROM and equipped with 1500 mAh battery, users can certainly use the Garmin Asus M10 for hours without any disruption to telephone and navigation system.

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