iPhone Contains Toxins?

iPhone Mobile - Since its emergence, the iPhone transformed into a device that revered gadget lovers. But behind it popularity, a bad news pushed, says that the process of making the iPhone to poison the workers who assemble.

These rumors came after the Taipei Times newspaper announces a worker at one of the iPhone assembly plant in Taipei, Wintek, sickness caused by exposure to n-hexane, ie chemical liquid to clean iPhone. In fact, reportedly, there are many more co-workers who also experienced the same thing.

Quoted 'detikINET' from the Online Social Media, Tuesday (05/11/2010), workers called 'Wu' May 'is told of how his health continued to deteriorate. Initially, May was very weak and tired to work in a very long time. Then he began to feel really lose power and lose balance.

Doctors who examined May at first difficult to diagnose his illness. But in the end, the results of further investigation in May found that the disease is caused by the use of n-hexane directly.

Furthermore, not only the May who experienced it, other workers at the plant had complained of health problems the same. Based on the recognition of the workers, they experienced dizziness and pain in the body. Winners of the report then makes a Wintek stop using the substances n-hexane.

This news could not be ascertained truth. There has been no official response from Apple as the manufacturer of the iPhone related to this matter. (DetikINET)
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