LG GW990 Only just a concept phone

mobile concept LG GW990

LG GW990 Only just a concept phone

Some time ago there was a rumor that LG will be launching a great handset, which is also equipped with a smart powerful features. Handset named LG GW990 plan, at that time news LG GW990 wearing very large screen with great specifications.

But how disappointed people who have been waiting for this phone is present, because people from the party that concealed his identity LG announced that the handset is just the concept alone and will never be released to the market.

Though LG GW990 preached possess specification Intel Atom Moorestown, Moblin OS, screen 4.8inci, RAM 512, 5MP Camera, WiFi, A-GPS, a compass, and 3D gaming capabilities. even rumored that the handset will also use the latest platform "MeeGo" which is a major project incorporating Maemo and Moblin platform.

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