Main Features and application of ipad

New GADGET - Here are some of the features and main applications of ipad gadgets

- Safari Browser for web access.

- Mail for reading e-mail.

- Photos to manage the archive photos.

- Video to play video files.

- YouTube to view videos directly to YouTube without going through the web.

- IPod to play music

- ITunes to download music and videos

- App Store to download applications

- IBooks to read and download e-books from iBooks Store

- Maps to view high-resolution maps from satellite and Street View Images.

- Notes for a free record.

- Calendar to make the agenda.

- Contacts to record telephone, email, and web of friends.

- Home screen to set the display screen

- Spotlight search to perform a quick search on all parts just by typing in keywords.
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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