Mobile phone - Four world's most expensive mobile phone

Mobile Phone - The presence of cellular phone or Mobile has changed the lives of humans, one of these is the increasingly rapid changes ier to communication, is no longer valid because of the phone, besides this curren the conduct of human communication. The distance that has been blamed as a barrint adult cell phone technology more advanced, whereby if the first mobile phone can only be used to communicate, now handphone also be used for something else, such as listening to music, videos and even as jewelry. Of course, this innovation is done to follow the growth of technology and more advanced age of this.

1. The GoldVishLe Million Price: $1.45 Million

Interestingly again, this time a lot of mobile phone manufacturers more importance than the emphasis on luxury mobile phone function itself, namely as a means of communication, is seen as more mobile phone manufacturers who began to target the upper middle market with more priority to their product luxury inside, such as handphone which is coated with gold, diamond coated. Where did this course with the hope that they are getting value-added sales and higher.

With many manufacturers that put such luxury, surely will result in mobile phone has a very high price, where prices are formed by the image of those elements are in injecting it in a fancy cell phone cell phone, which are gold, diamonds etc.. And can be ascertained as well as mobile-phone, which will be occupying a list of the world's most expensive mobile phones because mobile phones are compared to the usual elements of gold and diamonds in the luxury mobile phone is more valuable.

Well after yesterday I was looking for information, it is true that the list of mobile phones is the most expensive luxury gold and diamond-coated, meaning not technology that counts but there are elements inside the phone that was the assessment materials, just below is a collection of four luxurious and most expensive mobile phone in the world and its price. Check it out

2. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone Price: $1.3 Million

3. Bucheron for Vertu Cobra Price: $310,000

4. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone Price: $300,000
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