Modification Run Android OS in iPhone 3G

android in iPhone
iphone 3G with OS Andoid

An exciting discoveries to be discussed, namely the Android platform was able to run properly on the iPhone 3G handset, of course it takes a little adjustment. testing was done by a hacker named "David Wang" by running the application based on the iPhone with the Android OS, like browsing the web, send and receive sms, etc..

Some adjustment is done by a hacker who has the nickname 'planet being' with Wi-Fi driver update on the Android OS, and then making modifications to the Android icon appears on the boot menu, and make OS Androidnya run more stable and reliable in the iPhone 3G. All creative acts performed by David Wang is very worthy to be appreciated, however if it violated the TOS, this is just trial and error.

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Write by: RC - Friday, May 7, 2010

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