Motorola MT810 North Sea, Motorola Mobile 3D

New Mobile Phones - Motorola MT810 North Sea, the first output of the folding phone that uses Motorola's 3D display technology. Motorola's latest phones, which some time ago a new rumored ready to mass produced, it shows the logo of China Mobile.

That way, Motorola MT810 North Sea seemed ready to land in China in the near future. Not only that, Motorola MT810 will be the first handset based Ophone. Which, it was very different from previous information that the news that Motorola MT810 will be based on the Android OS.

According to information, in addition to presenting 3D display technology, the Motorola MT810 reportedly will be wrapped with 5MP camera, LED flash, video recorder HD (720p), supporting the TD-SCDMA networks, capacitive touchscreen display, as well as WAPI (WiFi Chinese version).

Motorola MT810 is also reportedly capable of generating 3D view even though phone is closed, because the screen is said to offer Motorola MT810 is a transparent screen. In addition, you will also reportedly contributed to the broadcast on television with the 3D view was amazing and without the need to use additional tools.

Can not be sure exactly about the time of the release of the first folding phone that carries Motorola's 3D display technology. Because, until now, Motorola is not going to give spoilers about the time of the release of the latest handsets.[]
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Write by: RC - Thursday, May 13, 2010

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