Nikola Tesla - BlackBerry already predicted since a century ago

BlackBerry phenomenon seemed to have been foretold by a Serbian-born physicist named Nikola Tesla more than 100 years ago. He makes predictions about portable messaging service in Popular Mechanics magazine in 1909.

Nikola Tesla whose name is now used by the company Tesla Motors - a company that produces electric cars - saw that the wireless energy as one way to develop electric power.

He wrote that one day people can send emails without wires all over the world. He imagines there will be a handheld device that is easy to use and everyone can communicate with the instrument.

"This is a new era of technology," wrote Nikola Tesla.

Magazine that has published nine international editions since the beginning continue to try to imagine how the sophistication of technology in the future. As quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (05/05/2010), this magazine was first published in January of 1902.

"Nikola Tesla is able to predict new technologies that will be born a hundred years later," said Seth Porges, technology editor of this magazine.

"He talked a lot about the power of wireless. It took a long time to realize everything. But interestingly enough has now been many research centers such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Intel and other research centers, "he added.

Actually there are several other predictions were carried over from the past by other analysts. It's just that most of them are still far from reality for now. Like the flying car, the airport is placed on building large, even an oven that can be hairdryer.

In the mid 20th century, a writer at another magazine also predicted that someday the train picked up with a hot air balloon could be used to explore the entire world and a helmet that firefighters can spray water.[]
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