Apple products, HP, and Dell, price will Soar

BEIJING - The sale price Apple products, HP and Dell in China is expected to soar. This is the third attempt the impact of electronics manufacturers are raising the salaries of employees of supplier companies in China such as Foxconn.

New York Times, Wednesday (07/07/2010) reported salary increases of employees 'foxconn' and other economic conditions will increase the price uncertainty is the last step that companies can still operate normally. Foxconn is looking at a component supplier of the iPhone 4.

Actually Foxconn has moved its production process from Shenzhen to the provincial areas of China such as Hebei and Shanxi. This step is one of efforts to reduce production cost. But still, Foxconn still needs to increase its employees' salaries will be additional operational expenses.

The sale price 'iPhone 4' itself is still not cover production costs in China. iSuppli anticipates if the cost of making the iPhone 4 only requires approximately USD187, 51. This figure is more expensive than the cost to manufacture iPhone 3GS who need USD170, 80. Currently in the international market average 'iPhone 4' was launched with a revenue stamp worth USD199 for the 16GB version and USD299 for 32 GB, complete with a two-year contract with a local operator.

While the price of the iPhone in the UK also has to follow the market. Queen Elizabeth the Land of the iPhone 4 sold at approximately USD755 to USD907 model for the 16 GB and 32 GB models. (Ugo)
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