Download Opera Mini 5.1, Faster Browsing and Efficient Memory!

Download Opera Mini 5.1, Opera Mini 5.1 can now be downloaded on the official website Browsers are suitable for cell phones, like nokia, sony ericsson etc.

Some users of Opera Mini 5 who complained was too heavy because the browser can now be accessed a bit more relieved. Opera has released version 5.1 which tries to not consuming memory so comfortable surfing the Internet with mobile phones for the better.

Opera Mini 1.5
is going to improve the experience of surfing the web on mobile devices with limited memory. This update includes a new display with optimal skin to open up more pages simultaneously, much faster to scroll through pages, and overall browsing performance.

This upgrade is highly recommended for users of Nokia S40 mobile phones with limited memory, such as the popular Nokia 5130 XpressMusic phone, Nokia 6300 and Nokia 2700. This upgrade is also intended for mobile users with small screen sizes, such as the Sony Ericsson K550i and Sony Ericsson W810i. This update is not designed for users of Opera Mini on a smart phone or other advanced phones that already use a much larger memory.

"The aim of Opera Mini is to make the web available to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the device used," said Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, in a press release on Thursday (08/07/2010). He said currently more than 61 million people use Opera Mini with more than 3,000 types of devices.

During this time, Opera Mini offers faster Internet access and low cost. Opera Mini Server compressing data to be visited by the user up to 90 percent before the item is sent back on the phone. This web page is opened not only faster, but also with a faster speed. This compression reduces the amount of data contained drastically, which means it can save the cost of browsing for packages that are paid based on how much data per MB, and especially when exposed to roaming charges.

To download Opera Mini 5.1 browser please visit of innate and Opera on your mobile phone automatically selects the optimal version for the mobile phone.
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