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BMW X6 2-door conversion by AmorTech announced
ArmorTech has attempted to do the impossible: make the BMW X6 attractive by making it more impractical.
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Jaguar F-Type & X-Type confirmed
Jaguar has confirmed plans to introduce several new models. Full coverage inside.
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Ferrari 599 GTO new pics
Ferrari has released new images of the 661 hp (493 kW / 670 PS) 599 GTO. See the glorious pictures inside.
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint in the works?
Sprint would be a coupe variant of the Giulietta sedan. Alfa Romeo would be working from a traditional template here, since the original Giulietta from 1954 also had a Sprint variant.
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Audi R8 e-tron wins Silvretta E-Auto Rally
R8 e-tron won rally with a margin of just over half a second, racing against 23 other electric vehicles.
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Baby Maserati Quattroporte coming in 2015
While details are limited, two variants are planned. The base model will be priced at approximately €55,000 ($69,000) while the high performance version will go for roughly €66,000 ($82,750).
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Porsche 911 Speedster on the way?
911 Speedster set to come with a 3.8 liter, straight-six with 407 PS (300 kW). Limited series of 100 units expected to debut later this year, according to
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Five Lotus concepts to be unveiled in Paris
What's new for Lotus besides five, count them, five new concepts? Get the full story inside.
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Audi A8 L in depth - European pricing & 47 new images released
Audi has released new images and details about the redesigned 2011 A8 L. Full details inside.
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Porsche 918 Supercar to get €500,000 price tag
How much more expensive is the 918 Spyder than the Carrera GT? Find out inside.
07.13.2010 7/13/10 ... view
Mystery Tesla EV prototypes identified as Toyota RAV4 and Lexus RX - further details
New details have emerged about two Toyota prototypes equipped with EV powertrains from Tesla Motors. They are reportedly the Toyota RAV4 and the Lexus RX.
07.13.2010 7/13/10 ... view
Next gen 2012 Mercedes S-Class pseudo mule-prototype spied for first time
Next S-Class may be bigger and will come with new technologies. Styling cues may be borrowed from the current E-Class Mercedes.
07.13.2010 7/13/10 ... view
SSC Ultimate Aero seeks to reclaim world fastest production car record
Find out when the Shelby SuperCars will reveal a new car to take back the "World's Fastesst Production Car" title. The story inside.
07.13.2010 7/13/10 ... view
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