Microsoft Appoints 5 Vendors Mobile Phone Windows 7

Micosoft has officially announced the five vendors who will be their partner in the manufacture of mobile phones 'Windows Phone 7'.

Quoted from Computerworld, Friday (23/07/2010), in the event the Worldwide Partner Conference held in Washington, United States, some time ago, Microsoft's Andy Lees officials leaks that could give mobile phone based on Windows 7 will be made by HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell.

A few days later, Asus followed four previous vendor. Together with LG and Samsung, Asus assigned to create a prototype mobile phone Windows 7 is scheduled to be completed a few weeks away.

Although Asus, LG and Samsung have an early prototype, it does not mean they will first release a Windows mobile phone 7. Microsoft will coordinate the five partners to launch mobile phone Windows 7 could be done simultaneously.

The entry of mobile phone maker Asus Windows Phone 7 raises the possibility of some of the other small vendors will join this project.

Analysts suspect that Motorola would not be involved in the project of Windows Phone 7, considering they've said they would leave a phone based on Windows Mobile and now focus on developing the Android phones.

While Nokia, Apple, Research in Motion (RIM) and Hewlwtt-Packard (HP) have their own operating system and hardware.

Some reports mention the mobile phone Windows 7 will start to be released into the market in November. While Microsoft itself has not given the exact date. (Feb/RNA)[]
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