Pornography Industry borer iPhone 4

Porn industry never miss. This time, Facetime videconference feature in four of the coveted iPhones. Apparently, these businessmen saw an opportunity take advantage of features in the iPhone 4.

This can be seen from the number of ads that are circulating in the U.S.. At least five cities to announce the ads from Craigslist that aims to find a model to be employed be a friend to chat while doing video chat via Facetime. Many of the ads that offer free iPhone 4 for interested to become a model. Not impossible, the girls were also employed to display nudity in front of the camera.

Facetime is a new feature provided by Apple on the iPhone 4 so that users can create live video conversations from the front of the camera using Wi-Fi connection. With sales of the iPhone 4 which has now reached more than 3 million units is a potential market for the pornography industry.

Facetime features to the service utilization of pornography is a form of misuse of technology. Although Apple is known antipornography, technically it is not possible prevented. At the most, to avoid the negative impact such abuse is especially close supervision by parents to their children who use the iPhone 4. Several parties reported already urged Apple to anticipate such abuses.
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Write by: RC - Friday, July 30, 2010

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