Wiigo Android, Cheapest Android Qwerty Phone

In the event Indonesian Cellular Show (ICS) in 2010 introduced a product called Indosat Indosat Wiigo. Package consists of a Qwerty Android phone and internet services on demand ala BlackBerry.

Wiigo Indosat is a mobile GPRS/EDGE shaped Qwerty candy bar. This phone is already planted with a special chip, local application and APN Indosat droid. This Wiigo Android hp sail TFT LCD 65 K 2.5-inch size, memory RAM 128 MB, ROM 256 MB, 2 megapixel camera and micro SD slot. What is unique is the service from Indosat Wiigo Android on Demand is the solution end-to-end data services and push mail from Indosat.

Indosat Wiigo package, On Demand package is claimed to be the first in the world for Android phones. One package that allows users to enjoy unlimited Internet access.

Wiigo phone bundled by Indosat is called has the ability email (POP3, IMAP), chat, social networking and other applications. But if you do not subscribe to data services, mobile phones can still be used for voice calls and SMS. Wiigo Android handset is sold for Rp 1.5 million.

Here is the Android On Demand package offers Indosat:

* Push mail package + chat (Rp40.000/bulan)
* Chat + social networking package (Rp60.000/bulan)
* Regular package (Rp120.000/bulan)[ligaponsel.com]
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