NSN - Nokia Jalankan LTE di Pita 800 MHz

JAKARTA - Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and Nokia, to call the world's first LTE data at 800 MHz frequency band. This spectrum known as the Digital Dividend, will be available when the transfer of terrestrial TV from analogue to digital broadcasting.

The success of interoperability testing marks a step forward in determining the commercialization of LTE in these bands, especially accelerating the spread in rural areas. Because basically the ability to attract, Digital Dividend spectrum is ideal for mobile broadband service that provides fast and cost effective.

With a frequency band that released by the regulator and assigned to the use of LTE, the time the test is very accurate, because it helps Nokia and NSN bring commercial LTE 800 to the network operator as soon as possible.

The tests, conducted at the headquarters of Competence in LTE, Nokia Siemens Networks Espoo, Finland, following the start of production Multiradio LTE Flexi base station for 800 MHz band in April this year, and complements the previous test with Nokia in the band 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz.

A longer distance bands, 800 MHz, making the operator can reach more areas with fewer base stations, such as the ratio of the higher frequency. Operators use the LTE in the 800 MHz band can easily achieve the same coverage as GSM (900 MHz) using the existing base stations, enabling them to take a big step toward the vision to prove that universal broadband.

"These tests are part of a larger campaign that includes a variety of customer trials and demonstrations to create LTE on 800 MHz band be commercially available this summer," says Reino Tammela, head of LTE business line, the NSN in his statement, Wednesday (07/07/2010).

"Right after the Digital Dividend spectrum is assigned to the operator's first spectrum auction in Germany in May, is very important that the standard networking products compliant LTE and LTE user devices in this band is commercially available," said Tammela.

The two companies demonstrated the interoperability of LTE network infrastructure with Nokia Nokia Siemens Networks multi-band Internet Modem RD-3 is ready for LTE. Nokia Siemens Networks' infrastructure including its Single RAN, with Multiradio Flexi Base Station, Evolved Packet Core consists Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway), and standards-compliant software. (Ugo). [okezone.com]
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