Aveloc, Combined GPS plus GSM

Motor vehicle users are now no longer need to worry if his vehicle was missing. Now the existing detection technology or the latest vehicle tracking Aveloc that combines GPS technology (Global Positioning System) and GSM mobile communication technology. How it works is quite simple. Simply by plugging Aveloc to the device and place it in position accu hidden so as not to be seen by anyone.

Then, insert a GSM sim card that serves as an active tracking, to determine vehicle position. Other plugs can be connected with the vehicle alarm, so when the alarm sounds, Aveloc will send short messages (SMS) to the owner. Aveloc using Ozi Explorer program, the program belongs to the licensed map D & L Software is integrated with the program Aveloc Tracker.

This tool is able to detect a maximum of one month since the vehicle is lost and can send notifications per minute or per hour according to desire. Although marketed for corporate real (rental company, freight, forwarding, cargo. Travel), a tool that can be used Rp3.250.000 pegged for a motorcycle or other valuables.
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