2010, 25 Percent of Mobile phones will be Wi-Fi Equipped

New Mobile Phones - Five years ago, Wi-Fi is a technology that is considered less important for mobile devices. Even today, most mobile phones in circulation do not support wireless LAN connectivity at all.

Nevertheless, in the next two years, this will change. Wi-Fi technology is expected to be at least in one of four mobile phones in the market. Point of course is to access the Internet without the help of mobile operator service.

"There are three main area-based Wi-Fi handset that is at home, at work, and on the go," said Frank Dickson, In-Stat analyst, as quoted from the XbitLabs VIVAnews, March 29, 2010. "At home, as broadband penetration increases, Wi-Fi has also increased. Device at home can now connect wirelessly to each other, "he said.

According to In-Stat notes, enterprise technology market analysts, mobile phones with Wi-Fi continues to grow in 2009 and although the total mobile phone sales declined.

If the growth in Wi-Fi phone is only 20 percent, much lower when compared to the year 2008. However, in the year 2010 In-Stat estimates that Wi-Fi phone sales will reach 180 million units.

Although the majority of phones with Wi-Fi is a smartphone, mobile phone manufacturers will start providing this feature on a conventional phone. In 2013, Wi-Fi feature alone will increase almost three-fold compared to the year 2009. As for the year 2012, an estimated 25 percent of phones in circulation around the world will have a wireless LAN controller.

From the user side, if previously a target market of corporate users with Wi-Fi smartphones, from the consumer segment, adoption also higher.[vivanews.com]
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