Android phones now Got translators

Jakarta - Google released free software that provides more capability to users 'smartphones' based Android operating system, in the shape of the language translator.

Google to add application to read and translate English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.

"We are also working hard to expand the capabilities of the introduction of other Latin-based languages," said Google Software Engineer and Avi Flamholz Alessandro Bissacco in a posting on the site.

"Our goal is also for non-Latin languages such as China, Hindi and Arabic," they added.

Google has a visionary software that allows smartphone users to search based on images taken from the gadget Android, not by typing in the search list column.

Along with the translation function, the latest version of Google is also equipped with better skills in reading the barcode and identify more rows to display valuable art images, products and logos.

"The vision computer is a difficult problem," said Google engineer. "While we are very happy with Googles v1.1, but we realize there are many images that we could not recognize."

Google's most recent program is available free via downloads to devices running the Android version 1.6 or higher. [Ito][inilah]
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Write by: RC - Friday, May 7, 2010

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