iPad 3G Coming, Apple Stores queued Again

New Mobile Info - The first sales of iPad 3G, finally starting Friday (30/04/2010) in the U.S. market according to Apple's promises. However, this time not as busy momentum when iPad first version was launched on 3 April 2010 and then.

Although no outcry, the line still appears in front of Apple stores began serving it at 17.00. For example, in one store in downtown San Francisco, about 75 people lined up 90 minutes before the sale opened.

Some people are lining up to say, they deliberately waited iPad 3G, iPad though more expensive than the first which can only access wi-fi because it will make it as a replacement laptop. iPad 3G can also access wi-fi was sold from 629 dollars to 829 dollars, depending on the capacity of memory.

For providing data access through 3G networks, Apple took its exclusive partner AT & T. Mobile operators are providing the data packets at a cost of 29.99 U.S. dollars. iPad so far can only be used on AT & T network is not because permissions are closed, but iPad using micro-SIM card smaller than a standard SIM card.

iPad is a new category of products that Apple introduced in order to reach the market between users of smartphones and netbooks users. Tablet computer similar device with 8.7-inch touch screen and no physical keyboard that uses the iPhone operating system.

Although criticized in some instances, for example, does not support flash and multitasking, iPad experience success in the sale offering. Apple reported sales of 300,000 units the first time available in the market. In fact, for reasons beyond expectations demand in the U.S., Apple iPad suspend sales in other countries until the end of May. (Compass)
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