Nexian NX Complete Review

New mobile phones - Still entitled BlackBerry, Nexian phones that rely on re-launch social networking features, Facebook and chat. But this time not with XL Nexian. Yes, together with Indosat. Nexian NX-G911, so they give the code on this phone. Brand also popularized the phone with HAPE designation online. So what's the difference with the NX-G900?

Yes design, Nexian certainly have to be smart to make the differentiation of the previous product. Actually, Nexian NX-G911 has a design similar to Nexian NX-G900, but not identical.

The first difference is visible at the top. G911 made slightly curved. Unlike the G900 above the left and right are connected with straight line. But every corner still has a radius of about 25 degrees, not obtuse angle. At the bottom of NX-G911 took the design Nokia E71, which narrows at the bottom.

Later, G911 was also given a differentiator in the D-pad navigation. D-pad navigation resembles a circle is cut at the top and bottom. Design shortcut menu (home icon) and message (envelope icon) in its modification by raising approximately 1-2 millimeter to more prominent than the G900. This may be because users are often wrong G900 push button on the top or bottom if you want to reach both these shortcut keys.

QWERTY keypad layout has not changed. They differ only on the button in the lower right corner and left. G911 really utilizing the space. G911 keypad size slightly larger than the elder brother, but not too visible. Convenient keypad is not much different, is still relatively comfortable and easy when we try to type a message to a friend.

Plastic material shell NX-G911 can we make sure to have a better quality of the G900, in addition to more rapi.Desain molding the shortcut menu (home icon) and message (envelope icon) in its modification by raising approximately 1-2 milli to more prominent than the G900. This may be because users are often wrong G900 push button on the top or bottom if you want to reach both these shortcut keys.

G911 has 2.2 inch screen size with a resolution of 320x240 pixels and a depth of up to 262 thousand colors. At the highest brightness setting, Nexian NX-G911 is lighter than the NX-G900. Overall, G911 screen quality is quite satisfactory.

The composition of fixed menu embraces 4x3 matrix. It's just that the content on the main menu page slightly changed. G911 is available in the shortcut I-Go, Mig33 and Opera Mini to replace the original browser shortcut, the menu of games and user profiles in G900. In G911, the user profile you can find in the Settings menu.

G911 Camera module still uses a VGA without flash. Menu and its configuration is similar to G900. The result was predictable photographs, local brand mobile phone standard. The configurations can be found among others the color tone, white balance, self timer, burst shot, and night mode (scene mode). All that can be accessed using the numeric keypad/number without having to go much deeper .. .. much deeper into the settings menu.

In contrast to the photographs, video recordings with the conditions the same space and light produces a brighter image. The following specifications are the result of a video recording. MJPG compression with eksetensi avi. Resolution of 176x144 pixels, 6:27 fps and bit rate 218Kbps. Whereas a single audio channel (mono) with PCM 8000Hz.

In addition to recording, the NX-911 is also equipped with video-capable player to watch movies extension avi, 3gp and mp4. If you have a video player, of course there is also a music player. Music player can play the file format mp3, wav and amr.

G911's music player application interface does not alter G900, very simple and not equipped with preset equalizer.Tapi wait, the quality of the speakers at the back of a very spoiled ears.

Hp onlie also equipped with FM radio. 9 space available to store your favorite radio stations. Good music player or radio can be available background mode. So, you can still access the other applications such as messaging and phonebook application while the radio is active.

To put both songs on the internal memory which of course need relief. G911 has a capacity of 10 228 kilobytes of internal memory, or nearly 10 MB. G900 only has an internal memory capacity of 1016 kilobytes, or 10 times smaller than his successor.

To equip an application that requires internet connection, the G911 has been using GPRS class 12. Internet connection in the phone also stable although it was not really speeding. Also available is also a Bluetooth wireless connection that already support A2DP. That is, other than to send files between devices berbluetooth. Mobile phones can also be mated with a Bluetooth headset to listen to music without using a headset cable that sometimes troublesome. But unfortunately, when you access facebook, Mig33 or opera mini, you have to get out once if you want to read or type a SMS.

Some applications that become excellent display that requires an Internet connection among others shortcut Facebook, I-Go, Mig33 and Opera browsers. All applications could be run using both cards are plugged.

For additional information, only one SIM slots are locked so could not use a SIM card in addition to Indosat. While the second slot can use a card other GSM operators.

In addition, the phone also equip themselves with providing e-mail applications in addition to standard messaging applications, SMS and MMS. Configuration is similar to G900 and G30 HT. This feature will work, we try without encountering obstacles.

To supply power, Nexian NX-equipped G911 Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh standard. Battery type similar to that used by the G900, including its charger.

Appeal not only on the phone, but also the sales package. Total bonuses in the form of benefits that reportedly showed up to two million rupiah, but we do not calculate it. The official price of the phone 999 000 rupiah.

While planning to buy this phone, you already agree that this phone has a weakness in the camera. In return, you'll enjoy excellent audio quality and social networking applications are the current trend. And it seems, the browser will you get rid of the original. Because surfing more convenient to use Opera Mini.
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