Latest Info BlackBerry 9670 and Atlas

New Mobile Phones - News emerged after a long absence, this time Blackberry Atlas (Version Javeline CDMA) re-emerged his appearance on the Internet, not half-hearted, Atlas appear side by side with the Blackberry 9670 clamshell.

One fan website Blackberry, Crackberry display both these phones in a variety of angles, in addition there are also photographs showing the name and version of OS that is used on both the mobile phone.

Atlas apparently still using the Blackberry OS version 5, while the Blackberry 9670 clamshell using the latest OS 6.0, which is still not yet officially announced RIM.

Blackberry Atlas has gained a new name from the previous BlackBerry 8910 becomes the Blackberry 8980 and has been equipped with the trackpad control device, unlike the Blackberry Javeline still using the trackball. While the Blackberry 9670 as the first mobile phone with 5MP camera output RIM.

A rumor also blows, saying that Verizon to request the right to sell exclusively to Blackberry RIM 9670. Verizon seems to become more frequent to increase mobile phone sales business. Whatever happens let it be the time to answer the truth of this rumor.

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Write by: RC - Saturday, May 1, 2010

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