Specifications, Nokia N8 Will Compete with Iphone

New mobile phones - Nokia has officially announced its latest smartphone mobile Nokia N8 as to be able to compete with the iPhone. This phone is available in certain countries will start the third quarter of 2010 with an estimated price of 370 Euros or about Rp.4, 5 million (subject to exchange rate).

Well, from the specification, the most striking thing of course is the use of the Symbian operating system ^ 3. Some things are added to the operating system is support for multi-touch (using more than one finger), Flick scrolling (snap your fingers to roll the screen) and pinch zoom (zoom in by pinching motion).

If you see the new capabilities that will be remembered on the capabilities of the iPhone. However, the following statement from Nokia might be a definite differentiator. "Symbian ^ 3 also raised its standard of performance with greater memory management, allowing more applications to run simultaneously, for multi-tasking experience faster," said this official statement.

If peering from the general Specifications unfolded, the problem of processing multimedia content for mobile phones is not a difficult case with this third Symbian Operating system. At the very least, it is increasingly reinforced by the presence of an HDMI port.

Present as a sophisticated multimedia phone, Nokia should be more serious course to reach the kitchen runway N8. Moreover phone is presented as a challenger iPhone, which has indeed been renowned reliability.

According to official information residing on its website, the Nokia N8 have been armed with ARM 11 processors that 'run' at a speed of 680MHz and 256MB SDRAM memory. Then, if with such Specifications can eat all the digital content and be merry multitasking?

Yep, talk about multitasking, Nokia promised phone is very reliable for 'sweatshop'. As an illustration, detikINET be a little daydream N8 capabilities that are not far adrift with a predecessor, N900.

Perhaps the Nokia N900 has a good level of responsive touchscreen, it's just that these phones do not support multitouch like the N8. And for toughness in running the same application, Nokia N900 are still reliable.

But with a different operating system, could be the Nokia N8 far more powerful than its predecessor. Moreover pin Nokia also has an HDMI output for this phone. So what if compared with his rival, iPhone.

Judging from the Specifications on the 'paper', the Nokia N8 is more superior than a few things, such as processor speed (80Mhz faster), larger camera resolution, and greater storage space.

However please note, that the iPhone already has a graphics processing unit (GPUs) separately. The device that makes the iPhone quite comfortable running a variety of digital content up to three-dimensional game. Moreover iPhone also has the flavor of 'touch' is not invincible.

How sophisticated feud that both phones? Just wait for the Nokia N8 presence of the planned weight as the iPhone competitor.

Here are some specifications of the Nokia N8:

1. Dimensions: 113.5 x 59.12 x 09.12 mm (L x W x H)
2. Weight: 135g
3. Screen: 3.5 inch widescreen (640 x 360 pixels); capacitive touch
4. Memory: 16GB mass memory + micro SD card slot, 135MB internal memory, memory card support up to 32GB; RAM256; ROM512
5. Camera: Carl Zeiss optics; 12 megapixels, Xenon Flash
6. Connectivity: HDMI, WLAN 802.11 b/g/n,A-GPS

(Source: detikinet.com)
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